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Fisher Price Go Baby Go Crawl Along Drum

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The go along drum is good and has two features!!!


We bought this toy for our baby girl when she was first born and I thought we would use it when she started crawling. It does play music and a cute little tune when they press their hands on the top of the drum sets. It lights up and she loved that part of it. I like the fact that you can press the button and you have a rolling toy and it very easily sets back up into the bongo type drum set which is good for them to sit and play with. I Love Fisher Price toys and this one is lovable as well. It has two volume setting so it really isn't annoying to parents if you use the lower sound setting. Our daughter loves the music and she dances to the beat of the drums. I think this is a good investment as it has been dropped numerous times and it still plays like it was new. If your baby loves music then this is a wonderful toy for them to learn with and its colorful too. Our little ones love the musical toys by Fisher Price.


Groveland, FL


Fisher Price Drum is OK


My kids are big fans of the majority of music toys and they have traditional drums that they are crazy about. I love the majority of Fisher Price toys so I purchased this drum. I like that they can attach end to end and roll around when babies are little and separate for when they are more active. However, I have found that the background music is so loud that it is difficult to hear which sounds the baby is making when he/she pounds on them. The babies making their "own" music is the whole point in having a toy instrument. The Fisher Price Crawl Along Drum is made very well and is easy to clean. The background music isn't too annyoying as far as baby music goes and the toy does hole my children's attention for a short period of time. Overall, I don't hate the toy, it just isn't a favorite. If the background music was softer and the user produced sound was louder, it would get five starts from me


Lacey, WA


The Crawl Along Drum is okay but doesn't hold attention for long


My son received the Fisher Price Crawl Along Drum when he was 9 months old. At that time he was really interested in banging on things and "playing drums." When he opened the toy, he was kind of indifferent to it. He enjoyed it for a couple of minutes and then moved on to other things. The good things about this toy is that the sounds are actually quite pleasant, especially compared to the sounds of many other children's toys that we own. The drums play two different types of songs, one when they're sitting up straight and a different one for the rolling mode. My son enjoyed rolling the drums more than banging on the tops of them, which is the opposite of what I thought he would like to do with the toy. He was already crawling at the time he got this toy, but this did not encourage his to move around more. I was hoping that this toy would be more played with that it turned out to be, but I can't say that it's the worst toy we've owned.


Anaheim, CA


colorful and fun, these drums rock!


I got the Crawl along drum as a gift for my baby shower. I thought it was a cute gesture considering I play drums in real life. I didn't think that this little toy would be one of my favorite items my daughter owned! When she was first learning to sit up, I pulled the drums out for the first time. She would sit and watch as I played the drums and then she would try it herself. Soft at first but she caught on quick! When she was learning to crawl. I switched the drums to the rolling option and off she went! She would follow the drums around and it was actually the first object she crawled toward. Now, at 9 months, she is back to playing the drums in their natural position. I haven't been bothered by the sounds they make at all. I have actually found myself humming the tunes as I walk around. Hee hee. The batteries have lasted 9 months so far which is awesome. I always enjoy a toy that doesn't drain the batteries.


Willow Spring, NC


Good for baby, not so much for toddler


Easy to listen to music. Pretty basic, no real learning or teaching associated with this toy. Maybe got when my daughter was too old for basic use of the toy. She was already crawling and walking, but she still plays with it on and off. Will get out earlier when our next child comes along.


North Little Rock, AR


Not what I thought it would be


I think I just don't understand this toy. Sure it lights up and it looks cute and I like that little button you can push to transform it to roll it on the floor, I guess I had different notions of what I thought this item would do. This was a gift for my little one, he seemed to like it but wasn't all that interested in the rolling it on the floor part so I never had to transform it. I kind of found it to be a rather limited toy, I really thought it would do more but not a whole lot could be done with it.Not long after recieving this toy it went to the bottom of the toy basket and was never played with again.  Anyhow, it was very durable and survived intact. I also found the music to be somewhat annoying, it wasn't very clear sounding. I see there are positive reviews about his toy more so than negative so maybe I'm just picky about the toys. I wouldn't buy this toy and I'm really not impressed by it.


Tomball, TX


The Crawl along drum is good help for learning to sit!


When my son was learning to sit up this drum came in handy. He loved (still does) lights and music! So with a little extra help from mom or dad so that the drum would not move or flip over, he would lean on it and sit for what seemed like forever trying to keep the noise and the lights going.


Thornville, OH


Attention-grabbing light-up that provides fun and learning.


We got this item as a gift for Christmas, like the bouncy seat I previously reviewed. I was worried about this at first, because I wasn't sure if it would be too loud or annoying. Nope. Not at all. The music is fun and upbeat that even Mom or Dad will nod their head in time with! One thing I love about this product is that if you hit the drums more than once while it's playing, the music combines and creates a longer, more interesting tune, so if baby hits the two bongos, s/he can create a unique rhythm every time - with the same tune, of course. You can also squeeze the two purple buttons in between the bongos to change them into a rolling musical toy. Each time it's moved, different type of music will play, and it is very sensitive. I am not partial to this function, nor is my daughter. She prefers to scoot up to it, grab it, and bang on it. The little things on the side of it that spin are pretty useless for my kid. She ignores them completely.  The top of each drum has a hand shape, and I think it helps the baby put 2 & 2 together, as I actually saw her comparing her hand to the hand shapes on the drums! The colors are bright, the lights are not too distracting, and she loves to crawl up to it and bang it. Definitely a must-have.


Chicago, IL


Bright, fun and baby loves it!


This is a great toy. While I tend more towards wooden toys or learning toys, I really love this one. Baby can hit the bongo part of the drum and music starts-- and it's decent music, not super annoying music! It's sensitive enough that a baby still developing his or her movements can easily hit the tops of the drums to trigger the music and lights and it helps them learn cause and effect. Then, if your baby gets bored of banging on the drums and "making music", the set transforms into a rolling toy that baby can crawl after. The music changes and the toy easily rolls along the floor and the colored lights on the bongos flash. Little pieces of plastic wiggle around as the toy rolls-- very captivating. It may entice your baby to try and crawl after it. All in all a very cool toy. Parents will also appreciate that the drums have a volume control on them! Great toy as your baby begins to become mobile.


Portland, ME


The baby go drum is ok.


On October 12 2008 my oldest son turned one and I bought him one of these toys and he absolutely loved it he played with it till he fell asleep. He rolled it around everywhere. Now he is two years old and now I have another son who just turned one on Febuary 12 and they both love the toy. Sometimes they even fight over the toy and I have to take it away from both of them. The go baby go drum is very durrible and can withstand anything. My oldest son threw it down the stairs and it did not break that was inpressive. The go baby go drum has been through alot. We have had it in our house for about two years and it has not got broken yet. I thank that it is one of the best investments that I have made on purchasing any childrens toys. I also thank that It will be around for many years to come. Weather I have another child or give it to another child who does not have much to play with. I love giving to the needy. The Go Baby Go toy is one of the toys that I would recamend to anyone with toddlers.


Lexington, OK


Fisher Price Go Baby Go Crawl Along Drum

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