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Fisher-Price Deluxe Umbrella Stroller

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Perfect for the Car


We already have 2 strollers (a regular and a jogger). But they are so big and bulky that we really needed something we could pop in and out of the car for just quick little trips. This really does the trick. It folds up so nice and small and fits just about anywhere-leaving me with plenty of room for other things in the car.It leans back for naptimes :). The canopy is pretty useless. But I knew that when I bought it. It's pretty small so it doesn't really keep any sun away. But we have an extender for our other strollers and use it, so it's not that big of a deal. The cup holder is a nice feature that you don't find a lot on small strollers like this. I like the handles. I have seen them where it's one bar across. But since there is not basket underneath, the hooked handles help hold your bags, purse, etc. Though a basket underneath is nice, the handles are a good replacement. So far it's been a good stroller. Maneuverability Sometimes the wheels seem to jam up making it difficult to turn.

Warrensburg, MO


Great in between stroller


If you want the perfect mix between an all out stroller and an umbrella stroller, this is it! You get the convenience of having a small umbrella stroller but with the added luxuries of a cup holder, small pocket for your belongings and a sun shade!  My biggest complaint with the normal umbrella strollers is that they do not have a cup holder because it seems either I always have some type of cup or my daughter's sippy cup. This adds the cup holder which was worth it for me! The price also wasn't too bad at allfor what you get.  The sun shade is always nice as well especially in the summer and in the heat we have here in California.  The only complaint is that the wheels do not always roll as nicely as I'd prefer them to, but they do have wheel locks and all the regular things a normal stroller has.  The seat does recline a tad bit, but it is hard to figure out so we don't use it very much at all.

San Diego, CA


Ocean Wonders Stroller


I bought this stroller as a replacement for a heavy, large travel stroller system. I needed something easy and lightweight. This stroller is easy to both open and close and it is lightweight as I had hoped. It's pretty basic, but the seat can be adjusted some to recline a bit. There is also a decent storage bag that I find useful for putting burp clothes, sippy cups, etc in. I like the cup holder, although as one reviewer mentioned, if you take this umbrella stroller on the airplane then definitely remove the cup holder first. Despite the pros, I do have two complaints. The canopy is a joke. It is so small that you can forget about it actually being useful to block the suns rays from your child. My little boy can't stand the bright sunlight shining right in his eyes, and this canopy does nothing to help. Also, it seems like my feet often hit the stroller if I'm not careful. I think it's because the handles don't go quite far enough out. I'm just average height, so it's not due to me having long legs! All in all, this stroller is only ok. I would probably try to find something with a better canopy before purchasing this one again.

Murfreesboro, TN


good for the price


We bought this stroller specifically for travelling. We wanted something lightweight and comfortable at the same time. This stroller was fairly inexpensive. There is light padding on the seat and backrest. The back can recline slightly for napping toddlers. There is also a pocket/pouch for misc. items, but i think it's a little small. You can carry light essentials (eg. a diaper, and small pack of wipes, and maybe a sippy cut), so you still would need to carry your diaper bag over your shoulder. I wouldn't recommend hanging it on the handles, as this might tip the stroller over. I like the detachable cup holder, but we've already lost it on a flight. So if you're flying, keep it in your carry on bag before you board. The wheels are a decent size, but i still find it to not be very sturdy or smooth. (but not bad for the price we paid). It folds down nicely, but you need to position the wheels the right way in order to easily fit the clasp on. After it's folded down, it's still fairly long (but narrow).

Woodinville, WA


great stroller


* have been using thos stroller for my daughter as well as her cousins since she has now outgrown the stroller herself. She loves playing in it, the cupholder is extremely convednient since some umbrella strollers dont offer that feature. I was tired of lugging around a big stroller in busy crowded places such as the mall because lets face it a lot of store in the malls are not stroller friendly. This stroller made it convenient for me to get through stores without a hassle. I like the bag that is there to easily store snacks and things to be in reach. I like that the back had enough support for when she wanted to lay down as well. It has given me trouble a couple of times when i was trying to collapse it which would be a negative however the cost, productivity and the fact that i can easily get around with it to me outweigh the minimal numbr of times that i have had issues with the stroller collapsing.*

East Rockaway, NY


Nice umbrella stroller


**This is a nice umbrella stroller. It first caught my eye because of the color and design, it is a very cute stroller. And I liked that it is neutral, I can use it with my little girl or boy. I wanted something different than one with a character, like disney princess, cars, etc.. This stroller is much better quality than other umbrella strollers. It cost a little bit more than most but was worth it. I like that it reclines. I like the lion pillow. I also like that it has a cup holder for a drink for me or baby bottle. It doesnt have a basket underneath but that doesn't bother me much, I just take a light diaper bag and hang it onto the handles. It does have a mesh storage bag which is nice. That allows me to carry a smaller diaper bag. I like that the stroller is lightweight, durable, easy to fold up. I use this stroller alot. Overall, this was a great purchase. I highly recommend this umbrella stroller.**

Saint Louis, MO


Fisher-Price Deluxe Umbrella Stroller

4.0 6