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Fisher-Price Crawl and Cruise Playground

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Its is the only toy you ever need to buy from 6 months til 3 1/2


It really is the only toy you will need to get.  Kids love eating the balls.  The spinning mirror.  The maze and watching the ball go through it.  Watching the ball go through the tunnel.  The spinning clown nose.  The bright vibrant colors.  The lights and sounds.  They all get all five sense going for any child any age.  Sight-Colors and watching movement and learning cause and effect.  Touch because the spinning clown nose and mirror.  Smell because it makes noise and tastes like nothing has no taste.  Touch becuase of different textures.Hearing listening to all the music being played.

Prattville, AL




This product was a ral joy to my 16 month old. Whenever he saw it his eyes would light up and he was grasping and crawling just to get to it. I liked that it was adjustable because as a mom of 3 kids ive learned that the younger a child is the faster that they grow out of everything. This toy was a hand me down from her sister(they are 13 months apart), and its something that sissy enjoys sharing. She loves to show her little sis you to spin the toys, and I like that they are safe for her to chew on, considering all the recent recalls on toys for their lead levels. The toys can detach to take along on a stroller, and makes for a happy little baby, and a happy mama. Now if only I could get her to stop playing the "look what happens when i throw this down...mama will get it" game!





My son bought this for his son first thing he came home after being stationed in Iraq for  1 1/2 years.It was a fantastic item! There are so many things for the lil' man to play with!There's music...NOT TOO LOUD to hurt or damage tiny ears!There are lights flashing,a ball that runs through a tunnel,clown nose mirror,and so many other things going on with this toy that it amuses him for hours!Literally!He gets so excited that he stands up and gibbers away at it.It's fun just to watch him!I also love all the BRIGHT PRIMARY colors! I've read that babies can only see primary colors with little differentiation,but they'll see this one coming a mile down the road as it's so bright and fun looking and fun to play with! There's also a little try for snacks to go onto,but when he's playing with this he does NOT even want to be bothered with food,and howls when removed from the adjustable seat! It grows with him and hold up to a good weight also! A definite winner with this one,Fisher Price! The cost is a bit steep but it's good old fashioned American value and construction! I highly recommend this one!

Wolcott, NY


Fisher-Price Crawl and Cruise Playground

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