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Fisher-Price Brentwood Baby Collection Swing

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This baby swing sux!


i do not like this swing very  well. i rated it a 3. it was ok but it when though alot of batterys and and my daughter loves it alot she had one until it broke we had to put it in the trash but i plan on getting her a new one soon she loves to sleep in in.. it puts her too sleep it has good music to it and everything else

Cincinnati, OH


Great swing that looks great too


My daughter LOVED this swing!  It was a great place for her to feel secure and soothed when I wasn't able to hold her.  My favorite part of this swing is that it has an open top.  I had a different swing for my son and the attachments with toys and other things on the top were always getting in my way.  This swing has a very clean look and nothing to get in the way when getting baby in or out.  Other swings have so many mobiles and attachments that can actually over-stimulate the baby.  This one is much more stream-lined with far fewer things to grab baby's attention.  I found this to be a good thing since usually babys are only in swings for the first few months of their lives when they are too young to interact with many toys at once.  Simplicity is best.  I didn't find this swing to be overly loud, but maybe that's because I had a toddler running around as well!  Overall, we are very happy with the quality of this swing.

New Hampton, IA


The Fisher Price Brentwood baby swing is soothing


The Fisher Price baby swing has such a soothing affect on a baby, it is a parents dream,especially if your baby is colic.  I feel safe putting my granddaughter in it.  She glows swinging in it,and you can see she is comforted by its gentle swing,comfortable padding, and its cheery sound.  As a grandparent it is very affordable and constuction wise very sturdy. 

Menomonee Falls, WI


The Fisher Price Brentwood Baby Collection Swing is great.


This Fisher Price Brentwood swing is wonderful and my baby loves it.  It puts him right to sleep and is a simply wonderful place to be able to sit the baby while working around the house. It is very comfortable and is very easy to use.  It goes just the right speed for calm to rowdy.  It is great.

Clayton, NC


Fisher-Price Brentwood Baby Collection Swing

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