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Fisher Price Bath Seat

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Easy to use


This is a great tub that can easily be used from 0-9m+. In the early times you can fill it with water and attach the mesh hammock in place and easily give your baby a sponge-like bath.  When they get a bit older you can loosen the hammock so its still a hammock but hangs down a bit to get them actually in the water.  As they get older you can fill it and place them in the tub without the hammock allowing them to lay at an angle. It comes with two little toys, which have held up quite nicely (in the four plus years we have had this).  The mesh hammock and tub look like they are in excellent condition (after three kids). You can use it inside your tub or on the counter.  There is a little drain that allows the water to go out easily. The cons: its a bit bulky so you probably don't want to just leave it out - you'll need storage for between kids.

Hampton, VA


Love this bath seat! Fun, and so easy to use and clean!


I am so glad that we purchased this Fisher Price Bath Seat! We used it immediately after the cord fell off of our son's belly button, and it worked wonderfully up until our son was old enough to get into the big bath tub! My husband and I used this bath tub pretty much anywhere in the house! At first, when he was a newborn, we actually used it to bath him on our bed...or anywhere convenient in the house! When our son got bigger, and splashed around more, we used it on top of the counter in the bathroom. The plug never leaked, the bath tub remains in awesome condition to this day! It was very afforable! We purchased it at Babies R US. I love the insert it comes with, to use on an infant, and then you can remove it when the baby gets bigger. I guess you could say that it grows with you baby, which is nice! We are planning on using this again for baby boy #2, which is due at the end of January 2011! Excellent product by Fisher Price! I would recommend this to everyone I know!

Lewistown, PA


Ocean Wonders is a wonderful tub!


We were given this baby bathtub as a gift for our first baby. I used it for my first baby, loaned it out to a friend for theirs, used it for my second baby, and passed it on again! The tub and seat net still looks as good as new. I love how it can meet different stages. The net slung over the tub is greate for the wobbly newborn, the seat agains the back is good for older infants, and then when they can sit up and splash, there's the "deep end" where they can feel independent but can't fall far or slip away like in a regular bath tub. We used it for a good 9-12 months, before transitioning to the regular tub for the kids. There's lots of room for them to play, but you can still get to the water to wash them. I have thrown the netting into the washing machine a few times, it washed really well. The bathtub came with two scoops, a little fish and a seashell. They're really cute and work great for rinsing the baby. We still have and use them, three years later!

Seattle, WA


Fisher Price Bath Seat

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