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Fisher-Price Barbie Cruisin' Tunes Jeep Power Wheels

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A Little Girl's Dream!


What would make a little girl happier than her very own jeep??? We got this for my two daughters for Christmas. They were two and five and were just tickled pink to get it. We decided to splurge a little and spent a little more than we normally do on their main Christmas gift but it was well worth the money. It is made well and is very durable. They loved the Barbie radio. It wasn't a nightmare putting together either. Just don't forget that you'll need to charge the battery so give yourself plenty of time for that. We didn't think about and my husband didn't put it together until the night before Christmas but it ended up being charged enough for them to play with it. They have spent a lot of time playing with it, definitely getting our money's worth. When they get too big, we will pass it on to their younger cousin. This jeep is built to last and made for lots of fun. I definitely recommend this product.

Evadale, TX


one of our best toy investments


My daughter received this as a Christmas gift before turning two years old.  She is now four and a half and it has been one of the best toys we have ever had for her.  We never knew how great it would be.  She could not steer on the low setting before she was two, but at two and a half she was starting to get better at it.  It was then winter time and was put away for the season.  When we pulled it back out the next year we set it to hwere it would go on high speed.  She immediately took off and could control any direction she wanted to go.  I wish we had taken it off the year before...oh yeah the governor is what it is called.  She is now four and a half and still loves it.  It works like it is brand new.  The battery holds a great charge.  We charge it regularly because we use it often, but we have never had a problem with it running slow or dying.  My younger daughter now loves it too.  We had to buy a second one so they could each be the driver!

Fletcher, NC


My daughter loves it


We bought the Barbie Jammin Jeep for my daughter when she was almost 2.  It was reasonably priced compared to most of the other models.  She was in heaven with it! It has a real working radio and doors that open and close which she will jus sit in the garage and just play with on some days.  This jeep isn't as big as some of the others which is nice b/c it makes it easier for the little ones to handle. We need to run alongside of her b/c being that she is still so young she doesn't steer the best with it yet.  The tires are made of plastic, so you can find treads for it that you have to glue on and it will give you better traction, which is definitely worth it!  She will definitely get a lot of use out of it, and it has room for a passenger in it! It is one of the best presents she has gotten so far and everyday she asks to use it!  It is made by Fisher Price and when we bought it the gear shift was bent, instead of taking the whole thing back to the store, I called up and they sent a whole new piece out to me, no questions asked, which made me really happy and gave me confidence in the company!  I definitely would recommend this Jeep for your little ones! 

Old Bridge, NJ


My daugther loves her Barbie cursin jeep power wheels


I am a mother if 7ages 18 to 1 month and I bought this jeep for my 3 year old on her Birthday. She is a liver transplant patient and absolutely loves this jeep. She went to the store to pick out which power wheels she wanted and orginally wanted the pink mustang but they were out of it so she picked this one and  cried when the stock perso took it to the front of the store while we finished shopping she thought he was takng it away. When we got home she could not wait for us to get it put together. After putting it together, which was pretty easy, We had to wait for 18 hours fo the battery to charge, While waiting she and her little 1 year old brother was content sitting in the jeep listening to the radio watching tv. And The radio is a real radio that picks up real radio stations. I thought it was going to be a real "fake" radio that just plays recorded kid friendly music. Nope real radio! So when the battery finally charged she was even more excited to learn she could accually drive the jeep it made it all the better! This was 270.00 WELL SPENT!

Barnesville, GA


Fisher-Price Barbie Cruisin' Tunes Jeep Power Wheels

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