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Top Load Washers
Fisher & Paykel
Fisher & Paykel Top Load Washer

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Cheaply made machine


I am SO sorry I let a lady at a local appliance store talk me into purchasing this machine. She said "All the ladies in ___________ (prestigious) neighborhood are buying this machine." I have had 2 other machines, none of which were made this cheaply. The PLASTIC lid and joints of the lid have crumbled 3 times. I have had to purchase 2 new lids. The lady keeps telling me it is because I use a stain spray product on my clothes. Yes, I use it on my CLOTHES, NOT on the machine! I HATE the locking mechanism as I sometimes need to add more clothes to the load; I know this is federal law now, but I do not have to like it. I can hardly wait til this machine dies so I can replace it!!! The buttons you push to set the wash cycles are plastic and are all cracked and yucky.



Quality machine, clean clothes, what more could you ask for :)


Very good washing machine from a trusted company. Any work that has needed to be done was easily handled by my husband after talking to the salesman. The only drawback that I have noticed was a build up of dirt. Drum needed to be taken out and cleaned out periodically. I had run a cleaning cycle on my own with bleach and then vineager also used a Tide washing machine cleaner, didn't seem to be effective. Energy Efficiency Low electric bills. Cleaning Time The cycle times are great, makes the work go quick. Ease of Use Good cycle options, love that I can vary water levels easily. Design Not quite a pretty as some of the front loaders that I've seen, but I'm more concerned with clean clothing!

Annville, PA


Hated the Fisher & Paykel top loader!


I bought this washer on a recommendation by my sister, who absolutely loves hers. I had been using an LG front loader and was having a smell problem, so got the Fisher & Paykel top loader. My LG had spoiled me! The Fisher & Paykel didn't handle near the capacity that my LG did, and the clothes got tangled and wrinkled. It kept getting out of balance, which entails you to stop what you're doing and go pull the clothes out and readjust them, sometimes multiple times. My LG readjusted itself. The Fisher & Paykel ruined several pairs of my jeans by twisting them so much that it stretched the fabric out, causing the fabric to pucker. The tub actually knocked dents into the sides of the washer when it got out of balance - I don't know if it broke, or what, but it was out of warranty and that was the last straw. I got rid of it instead of calling a repair service. I bought another LG and am wishing I had done that in the first place!

Southlake, TX


Great top load.


My wife and I purchased this washer a couple years ago and our kids do their best to push it to the limits and test it.  We love the washer.  It is the best we have ever owned. Pros:Mechanical - The direct drive motor simplifies the mechanics of the washer reducing liklihood of breaking or problems.Auto balancing - We regularly wash large blankets, duvets, towels and other large/heavy items.  We almost have to balance the washer mid-cycle (I would say once or twice a year).Top Load - I like not having to bend over to get clothes into or out of the washing machine.  Front loads have options for pedastals, but charge outrageous pricing for essentially a metal box.Simple to use - With the push of just a couple buttons you can have the washer on it's way.  There is an option to program in your favorite cycle options. Cons:No bleach dispenser - There is not an easy way to mix the bleach with incoming water.  You have to pour the bleach into the washer directly.

Smithfield, UT


Best washer i have ever used


This has got to be the best washer that I have ever used. It is very quiet so most of the times, i dont even know that it is running. When something goes wrong, it has speacial beeps to let you know if something is wrong and to let you know when it is done. and has an automactic shutoff. It is all digital which is a plus. it also has a lot of room on the inside for big load, speacial place for detergent and fabric softener. i just love this washer. being a busy mom, i have to do colthes a lot. this washer is perfect for our family. i recomend this washer for everyone wiether you do laundry a lot or a little. it is compact in size so it may look small on the outside but it fits our King size comforter and then some in it which is a big plus. It is very easy to clean the outside and the inside incase you have to. You can even set a favorites cycle to any setting that you may use the most. It is also very energy effecient. We can tell a big difference on our light bill every month. I would recomend this to anyone looking for a washer that can do it all

Seneca, SC


Fisher & Paykel Top Load Washer

3.4 5