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Fisher & Paykel
Fisher & Paykel Top Load Washer

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Fisher & Paykel Rocks!!


When I was out looking at dishwashers, I noticed this washing machine. I loved it at first sight and had to have it. It just so happened that a few months later my washer died, so I quickly went to the store where I had seen the Fisher & Paykel and bought it. I have never regretted it. It is a fabulous machine!! I love the no agitator and I am able to wash our comforters with no problems. I love to tell all my friends and family about the Fisher & Paykel, it is by far the best machine I have ever had! My machine runs at least 8 - 10 times a week, usually more and we have never had an issue with it. Well built machine. The only con I really have with it, is the fabric softener dispenser gets gooky and gross. But it is easy to take apart and clean it. not sure that has anything to do with the washer, it may be more of a softener issue. If you choose to try the Fisher & Paykel, you won' t be disappointed. Worth every penny!

Sartell, MN


I like the Fisher and Paykel, but not for washing diapers


We pick out all of the most energy saving appliances we can.  This Fisher and Paykel top loading washing machine was the best we found for the price range. I love the varied settings on it's digital display. There is a family settings variety of washes you can do, "soft-toys" wash, "hygenie wash" for times of sickness, "muddy sneakers" wash. There is no ajitator in the middle, so you can also was down comforters/ pillows in it. This machine works just like a front loading machine, in that it uses minimal amounts of water. The cons to this are that sometimes clothes that need to be swimming in water to get clean, do not and I will often notice laundry detergent on the clothes after the energy saving cold wash. The reason I purchased this machine over a front loading machine is that I wash my own cloth diapers. I thought that I would be able to have the diapers sit in a full soak in this machine.. while they can sit in a soak, the water is very minimal and the diapers are sticking up out of the water, so sometimes it takes a few loads where a regular machine could have a full tub of water and do the job in one load.

Bristol, CT


My second Fisher Paykel Washer and I still love the brand.


I bought my first Fisher Paykel washer in 1999 when I was still in college. I was home for lunch and caught a short feature about the Fisher Paykel Washers on the local noon time news show. I was fascinated by the brushless motor and incredible spin speeds it reaches and all without an agitator in the middle. I really liked the idea of no agitator because my Son was still young and I was a busy single Mom at the time, so I would miss all kinds of things in his pockets (coins, marbles,etc.) that would inevitably end up stuck under the agitator. So I went looking, found it, bought it and loved it for ten years. And then I saw the newest model (WL26CW1)  and had to have it. I didn't really expect to love it even more, but I do. It still has all of the features that I loved about my original Fisher Paykel, some of them improved and then some new features besides. The best things that haven't changed or are better, is the spin speed, no agitator and its water and product efficiency. It just spins so fast that clothes are almost dry when the wash cycle is done. There is no agitator for things to get caught under including dirt and old detergent. It uses less water and detergent which saves you money. And although I'm no longer a single mom college student, I still love saving money. The new feature that my Family enjoys the most is the lifestyles program. My Husband and Son have an unusual hobby, LARPing, and it's great for cleaning their costumes.The lifestyles programs lets you setup washing cycles for special things as well as everyday loads. It also has special washes for comforters and allows you to save washing preferences for all types of washes. I've even washed large pet beds in it. I am not an expert, just a regular user, but I love these washers and I love this brand. Since the first one I bought I have raved about my Fisher Paykel to friends and family. My Mom owns one now and we've moved on to Fisher Paykel Dishwashers as well. I wouldn't necessarily call this a 'Con' but if there is one, these washers do fall on the higher end as far as cost. They aren't the most expensive washers, but they are definitely not the cheapest. I had to save for that first one when I was still a single Mom, but I have never regretted the money spent, I think they are absolutely worth the money.

Winchester, KY


This is the most efficient and best cleaning washer I have ever


The Fisher-Paykell washer is an extremely efficient machine. It saves on water as well as detergent, boosters and softeners. I was very pleased at the rinsing of the clothes. This machine also cut down on the dryer time, saving a ton of money.     It has several features I use constantly, the lifestyles programs on it have done a tremendous job at keeping my grandchildrens baseball and football uniforms spotless. I was totally amazed how well it gets grass and dirt stains out without using excessive additives. We have several wool blankets and sweaters that turn out beautifully.      I would recommend this machine to everyone  and have several friends who have bought one since I have had mine. I have owned mine for 3 years now and would not change for anything.      One feature I feel is necessary to mention is the lockout system. You can set it so the lid locks when the machine is not in use. This was especially good for us since we have 17 grandchildren all under the age of 10 with one exception. I give this a 5 star rating and would not be persuaded to buy another brand.

Oil City, PA


Fisher & Paykel Top Load Washer

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