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Fisher & Paykel
Fisher & Paykel Double DishDrawer Dishwasher


Enjoy washing your dishes in style with the Fisher & Paykel Energy Star Double DishDrawer Dishwasher (DD24DCW7, DD24DCB7, DD24DI7, DD24DCX7, DD24DDFX7). This innovative dishwasher features nine (9) wash programs - delicate, delicate eco, fast, fast eco, heavy, heavy eco, normal, normal eco, and rinse - so you can have several options to keep your dishes clean. Seven (7) place settings in each drawer enable you to wash more dishes then ever before, while the Energy Star dishwasher ensures that washing each dish will be energy efficient and good for saving money on your energy bills. Washing your dishes has never been easier thanks to the flow through detergent dispenser and the rinse aid dispenser that practically does all the work for you. The primary and secondary controls are easy to use, while the flexible racking system enables you to make most of the room you are given to wash your dishes. Intelligent load sensing allows the dishwasher to clean each dish thoroughly, so you won't have to go back and re-scrub everything, while the washer beeps when the end of the cycle has happened. For safety measures a key lock and child lock are included to make sure your little one doesn't create a mess, and the three (3) stage flood protection keeps you from having to clean up the floors when the dishwasher tries to flood over. Ideal for any household, this dishwasher is perfect for cleaning your dishes thoroughly, which gives you more time to do other things. Nine (9) Wash Programs: The nine (9) wash programs ensure that any of your dishes get washed at the optimal temperature and time Seven (7) Place Settings: With seven (7) place settings, you can be sure all of your dirty dishes will be able to fit in the washer for a load Self Diagnostics: When something is wrong with your dishwasher, it will tell you exactly what the problem is so you can save costs on maintenance and repair