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Fisher & Paykel
Fisher & Paykel Dishwasher

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Buyer Beware!


After haveing a 40-year old Kitchen Aid in my kitchen that worked perfectly, I am more than mildly disappointer in thie new appliance. I've had it for 5 months and have yet to empy a load that didn't need at least a few items re-washed by hand. And I usually plan on wiping all of the silverware. Also don't use the rack above the utensil basket, because the single bottom spray is too wimpy to reach those items. Or, it blasts the crud OFF of your silverware INTO items above, where they then bake on and have to be soaked in the sink in order to get clean. NOT what I use a DW for! I expect my dishes to be clean and dry when I empty it!   Also, the configuration is just all wrong, at least for my family. We have kids and use alot of bowls and glasses. The flip down racks only hold mugs and the smallest glasses. Put larger glasses down below and now you've used up one of the two main "aisles" for dishes. Use large plates, and you have no room to flip down the glass rack. Bowls have to placed every third row of tines. If you nest them every other slot, as I did in my old Kitchen Aid, they will not come clean. The single head just doesn't move enough water around to get the dishes clean, and isn't that why you buy a Dishwasher?  I was under the impression that "You get what you pay for," and that spending more for a high-end appliance would get me better performance. Hugely disappointing. Also, I had an installer that does all of the FP installations in my area, and has done several dozen installations. After the  I had an FP rep that verified that it was, in fact, properly installed. In addition, did I mention that my glasses were being horribly etched, and I am now using such a small amt of soap that I feel that might be contributing to the problem. In addition, you can ONLY use powdered detergent in the machine, which comes in a box. With dishes in the drawer, you cannot tip the box to get the soap in the tiny soap drawer. I have had to dump the soap into a plastic bowl with a lid, and use a teaspoon to spoon soap in to the tiny space. Overall, while it looks great, and put less strain on my bad back, I buy a dishwasher to (get this!) WASH DISHES! If it was an employee, I would fire him/her. Too bad I can't afford to junk it and buy a reliable, large, mid-priced model.

Novelty, OH


fantastic 2 drawer feature, don't have to wait for a full load


We have always had the full load dishwasher but with just the two of us left at home, the 2 drawer feature works great, every other day we are washing 1 drawer of dishes.  Now currently my son and his wife and baby are living with us so they are using the 2nd drawer as theirs and they wash it every day with baby bottles.  This really does work out great for that too.  Ours gets washed when it is full of glass & plates & silverware so every 2-3 days.  It saves waiting for the whole unit to get full before washing and maybe then you have run out of dishes!  We absolutely love it.

El Paso, TX


Fisher & Paykel Dishwasher

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