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Top Load Washers
Fisher & Paykel
Fisher & Paykel AquaSmart Top Load Washer

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Sorry I bought it


I am sorry I bought this washer. Many times the washer will not spin with just 2 sheets and 4 pillow case. It actually gets off balance with any size load. Can't wait until it finally kicks off. Its only about 1 year old.

Boston, Mass


I appreciate this washing machine.


When our washing machine of over ten years "kicked the bucket" we ended up with this Fisher & Paykel machine. My husband made the purchase without my knowledge and I was unsure about it at first. Although it doesn't accommodate super large loads of laundry like our previous machine did it has some nice features. It's simple to operate and has just enough options for the average family to care for all types of laundry. We are a family of 5. If you have more than 5 people in your home to care for I wouldn't recommend it due to the fact that if you over stuff it the performance is hindered. It determines the amount of water to be used by how much laundry is in it so there is not a water level selection which was strange to me at first but I've gotten used to it. I have found that keeping the lid open when not in use is necessary because it will create an odor from the remaining water in the bottom of the machine. Instead of purchasing those machine cleaners I just use bleach once a month to maintain and that's been working fine for two years so far. It requires he detergent. Durability We have had this machine for only 2 years so the verdict is still out on the durability.



Fisher and Paykel are the best washers!


This was our first time with Fisher and Paykel appliances when we purchased the washing machine. I love it!  The salesman told us it has very few parts which in turn means less parts that can break down.  He also said it has an excellent track record in repair and maintenance. We thought it sounded like a great deal also as the price was lower than some other brands we were looking at.  We aso have well water and dealt with some rust issues on our previous washer and dryer too.  This has a plastic drum so not metal and that means no rust to encounter! Another big plus!  Also, in other washers we have had the water would combine with lint, dirt, suds, softener and get all gunky underneath the top of the machine,,, hard to explain where... around the drum at the top and it was so hard to clean that. This machine does not do that.  The washer has a great spinning system so that the clothes come out almost dry!  That means less time in the dryer and easier on clothes!!!

Skidmore, MO


This is even better than my last Fisher Paykel!


8 years ago we bought our first Fisher Paykel washer and I was thrilled although it seemed to run rather loudly.  We had a small part replaced two years into owining it,b ut we plugged along with it until recently when it all but caught fire while I was doing a load.  The pump had gone out and the strain had burned out the board.  So after cussing Fisher Paykel through about 5 stores I walked into a local store and saw a pair sitting there.  The washer and dryer matched, but the washer had the agitator bar in the middle and I was determined not to have that again.  We were pretty much going for a front load machine when the salesman showed me this particular machine.  Actually, it was just al ittle different because our machine hadn't even made it into the store.  There were dispensers for the detergent and softner and I didn't want those.  The new machine would not have those on it, and it would not have that agitator bar in the middle.  It was delivered some 4 days later and it has made my life so much easier.  There is so much to the machine.  It needs to have high efficiency detergent used in it for low suds, but I am using 1/3 the HE detergent that the manufacturer suggested.  The do suggest you use warm water at least every 5 washes to keep the pump cleaned out.  We did not know that we could take the machine apart with a phillips head screwdriver and clean the thing ourselves.  It is quiet, more than I thought possible.  It does anything you want it to do with laundry.  I highly recommend this machine. 

Springfield, IL


Fisher & Paykel AquaSmart Top Load Washer

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