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Firstrax N2N Port-a-Crate P2 36"

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This port-a-crate does the trick.


My husband recently brought a puppy (i.e. only about four weeks old) home for our son because he thinks every boy needs a dog. The first night he thought it would be great for the puppy to sleep in my son's room with him so they could get to be friends I guess. We were up most of the night, the dog peed everywhere...even my son decided to kick him out of his room after that. Enter the dog crate. We got the portable one since we like to take vacations and thought it would be a little easier than the metal ones. The first night the puppy whined for awhile and then got used to it. The second night my husband didn't zip the door all the way and he wriggled his way free, so when I went downstairs the next morning he was sitting on the kitchen floor and there were doggie messes all over the kitchen and living room. UGH. Since then he's been getting better and we've been sure to zip the door all the way shut every night. I like that the top zips all the way open so we can get to all areas of the crate. I guess I like the window shades - seems like a handy feature to have but we haven't used it much yet. All in all, a good purchase (much cheaper than the metal crate) but beware to zip the door securely!

Tucson, AZ


Firstrax Port-a-Crate is good


We bought a Weimeraner puppy who is now 3 months old.  We were on the market for a new crate.  We have a miniature dachshund as well and he has a black metal crate, so we had one of those, but needed one for our new dog.  We knew we would need one that would fit our dog when he was big as well.  When our shopping we found this sharp looking crate that had the option to fold down for transfering and we liked it.  I thought it looked nicer than the black metal crates and was the same price-wise as the others.  The crate is made of a strong durable canvas and mesh for the "windows".  There was a "lock" system for door zippers, and a top entry as well, which was nice when our dog was still little.  Unfortunately our 25 lb. 3 month old weimeraner decided to try to get out of the crate while we were gone right now and ripped a hole in the canvas and squeezed his little body out.  The good thing is, is that you can order a replacement cover for the crate, however it isn't super cheap as that is the most expensive part of the crate, but once our dog is a little older and knows the rules we should have no problem with him in his crate.  Right now we are keeping him in the black crate while we are gone.

Zeeland, MI


Firstrax N2N Port-a-Crate P2 36"

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