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First Premier Bank - Gold MasterCard

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Good card for Building Credit


It is a good card for rebuilding credit only. There are no real benefits to having this card after that. The company is basically charging you to give you credit and not that much credit. Which sort of makes sense in a weird way. But the overall benefit is you are building credit as long as you are paying your bill on time, because they regularly report to credit agencies. I would say before you settle for this card absolutely, I would shop around for a better card that has some idea about building credit with less money coming out of your pocket initially. Customer Service Customer service is decent enough. I was not hugely impressed with them when I had this card as they appeared to be most driven my cash and not necessarily a customers personal issues or questions regarding the card. Available Rates Rates are very high for this card. I guess the only benefit of this card is they give you a higher credit limit, but they still nickel and dime you with regard to the monthly fees they charge you and the start up fees they charge.



I had no choice.


This credit card was a bad decision on my part really. But I did not have a choice in the matter. My credit was not so great and I applied for many. This credit card offers you only two hundred and fifty dollars (250.00) credit limit and when you recieve the card the company has charged you so many fees that you only have a remaining balance of about fifty dollars(50.00).It also charges a seven (7.00) monthly fee a month on top of your eighty nine (89.00) annual fee every year. So for financial responsibilty I did not make a great decision. But on the other hand it does report to all 3 major credit bureaus every month. So it can help rebuild or just start building credit to help you if you have bad or no credit . This credit card offers no rewards and has other fees if you go over your credit limit. and the other day when I sighnedc up to pay my bill online it charged me a 3.95 dollar one time fee for that.So I have to put the rating for this card in the middle for sure.

Cocoa, FL


first premier bank is the leader in giving second chances.


i am a current cardholder of first premier bank. my credit was fair when i applied for a mastercard unsecured credit card. when i was approved for a mastercard gold, i was highly impressed with this credit card provider. i made all my mothly payments on time each month. after six months i was offered a second credit card account with first premier bank. i accepted a second mastercard account. i have had both accounts for over two years. the minimum payment is fair and reasonable. the annual fee for each card is fair and reasonable. i have raised my credit score with these two credit card accounts at first premier bank. this exactly what the goal is at first premier bank. i would recommend first premier bank to anyone with credit problems who are looking for a simple way to improve their credit score. if you need a credit line increase this option is available after payment history is established. this is a remarkable company.

Boiling Springs, SC


Do not get this card


I got this card after filing bankrupts, I thought it would be a good way to build my credit. The fees involved are outragouse and their customer service is even worse than their fees will never do business with them again.

Omaha, NE


First Premier Mastercard is a great way to repair bad credit.


The First Premier Bank Mastercard is a great way to get started on repairing bad credit. I have had this card for about 5 years now and have had no major issues with it. The card is quite costly to get you started, but it is an unsecured credit card. There is a yearly fee of approximately $60.00 and then there is a monthly fee of $6.00 to maintain it. The interest rate is actually quite good in comparison though. It is only 9.9% and compared to other bad credit cards is quite worth it in the long run. Most other cards are about 26% for people with not so worthy credit. Once your credit is much more secured, it might be a good idea to cancel it as long as you can get approved for a better card. One problem I do have with cancelling it though is the fact that it is my longest running credit card since it is my first so it might possibly hurt my credit to cancel it because credit score is also based on the length of time of credit. Overall, this is a great starter card, and I would definitely recommend it.

Hampshire, IL


First Premier Bank - Gold MasterCard

3.6 5