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First Premier Bank - Centennial Secured Credit Card

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good for people who need to build credit


card is  good for people who have bad/or no credit this card helps you solwly build credit  . but intial fees are too high first there's the acceptable $29 appilcation fee,after you're approved there is an automatic fee of $179, and a monthly service fee of $7. So you are imediately in debt ,on the plus side you are given 30 days to decide if you want the card.Late fees are $29, a $7 fee for pay by phone,a $25 fee for credit limit increases,a $3.95 (one time ) internet access fee, the fees for are a turn off, but for someone who needs to build credit card is acceptable .it has a .9.99% annual arp $250 credit limit so you start off with $71 of credit and $250 debt. A small credit limit also helps people with bad / no credit   stay with  in budget . If you hav no problems with all the fees ,small credit limit and have bad / no credit then this is a good card for you.Most people are accepted .


Christiansted, VI


First premier bank is a rip off artist!


First premiere bank lures new customers with the promise of rebuilding their credit, in reality they will stick you with outrageous interest rates, fees, and very low limits.  By the time you get your credit card in the mail, your balance is about 70% of your credit limit (which actually brings your credit scores even lower),  if your payment is late by one day, they will hit you with a hefty late fee which by the way will more than likely put you over your limit.......so guess what happens?  That's right, another fee; now you are even more in debt, your credit is worse than it was to begin with, and you are being harrassed by collectors, most of the money that you "owe" you actually never spent.


Pacoima, CA


First Premier Bank - Centennial Secured Credit Card

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