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Fire Sense
Fire Sense 22" Folding Fire Pit


Our folding fire pit features a 22” heat resistant painted steel fire bowl and folding legs for easy portability. This fire pit comes complete with heat resistant mesh fire screen, a wood grate and cooking grate. Also included is a carrying bag and screen lift tool.

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Family fun nights out by the grill


The Fire Sense folding fire pit is a nice start for a small back yard. We have enjoyed using it, but hope to upgrade to a larger and more decorative pit soon. The Fire Sense is easy to put together, folds nicely in a carry case, and is portable. Also due to the small size I have found it nice for the kids to roast marshmallows and hot dogs without fear of over heating. Unfortunately it is a tad flimsy, do not leave it outside for any length of time or it will rust, and it does not hold a lot of wood. I would recommend this Fire Pit for small back yards, but realize that for a tad bit more money you can get something a bit more decorative and sturdy. This pit is probably best suited for portable outings like camping or bbq's away from your residence. Even so, nothing beats a family night by a fire on a nice evening. Do not leave it outside, not even one night (even if it is clear) the dew will rust the pit.

Crofton, MD


Simple yet soothing addition to our backyard


I bought the Fire Sense 22" Folding Fire Pit last fall for our small family to gather around on those semi nippy evenings. I also bought it with the intent to take with us camping since it's portable so that we could roast our marshmallows and hot dogs somewhere other than home as well. This fire pit has served both intended purposes well and I am happy for the most part with it, given the low price I paid for it. It is a little small which requires that we have to hunt for or buy smaller pieces of fire wood and kindle but the reason for rating it four stars is because it began to rust after the first big rainfall. However, it did come with a cover and I neglect to use it sometimes when I know rain is coming. However, the first big rainfall was unexpected and I don't feel it should have rusted that quick. Then again, I am a firm believer in the phrase, "You get what you pay for" and since I got this at a really cheap price that saying seems to stand true with this product. My kids and I still enjoy it, rusty or not so I still consider this a good buy but have not recommended this specific model to others.

Dallastown, PA


Fire Sense 22" Folding Fire Pit

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