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Finish Glass Magic
Finish Glass Magic Dishwasher Performance Booster

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Finish Glass Magic Helps Those with Hard Water Problems


Those who have to deal with hard water know the problems it can cause. These problems are noticeable in many areas of the household and hard water presents special challenges for dishwasher users due to the buildup of minerals and other issues. One product made to help diminish this problem is **Finish Glass Magic Dishwasher Performance Booster.** **Booster Facts and Commentary:** Finish Glass Magic Dishwasher Performance Booster is a helping hand with the dishes. It helps dishwashers work their best by removing minerals and preventing the buildup of deposits- buildup that can cause clogs and other problems. It softens the water, helping detergents get dishes cleaner than before. My water supply already leans toward the soft side but a little boost can't hurt and this is what led me to try Finish Glass Magic Dishwasher Performance Booster. The product is added directly to the floor of your automatic dishwasher where it mixes with water and removes minerals. It is not a separate cleaner- it is strictly a boosting agent that helps detergents get dishes cleaner. Finish Glass Magic Dishwasher Performance Booster sounds like a bunch of hype at first, but I find that the product does work very well and the reason they call it glass magic is because glassware tends to be where the product's abilities are most noticeable. A quick look at glassware, pulled from the dishwasher after washing a load with this product, reveals glasses that do look brighter and shinier. There is less of the white film I sometimes see when I remove dishes from the dishwasher and dishes do, indeed, look better than before. **Bottom Line:** Finish Glass Magic Dishwasher Performance Booster is a very good product from Finish and one that isn't necessarily a bunch of hype, like so many other useless products that clutter the store shelves. This one really does work as promised and it makes a good product purchase for those who live in an area with exceptionally hard water.


Houston, TX


Finish Glass Magic Will Leave Your Dishes Sparkling


I usually need a dishwasher every five years.  I used to think I couldn't find a decent one.  When you look at the average lifespan of a dishwasher, that is usually based on number of uses.  Well, we use our dishwasher up to three times a day.  Why is that important?  Because that is a lot of dishwasher detergent and water.  The biggest problem in my city is that the water is very hard.  I've tried so many dishwasher detergents and so far have not had much luck.  My dishes often have a white film that is very difficult to get off.  I rediscovered Finish Glass Magic and it works great.  I have a certain way to attain this without having to use it every time I run the dishwasher.  I now make my own dishwasher detergent and it works fairly decent and I use vinegar in the rinse.  When I notice that it's not working as well, I add a bit of Finish Glass Magic and it seems to clean out the dishwasher filter and any residue that seems to accumulate.  The front of the box claims to prevent mineral build-up in the dishwasher and to remove cloudy film from glassware, and it really does.  I recommend this product for anyone with hard water and mineral build-up in their dishwashers or film on their glassware.  I know it's not a green product which is why I don't use it everyday.  It is the phosphates that make it work so well, but also are not great for our environment. 


Oceanside, CA


Finish Glass Magic Dishwasher Performance Booster

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