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Finesse Texture Enhancing Shampoo

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This sets in some nostalgia.


Finesse is a shampoo that I grew up using. I hadn't really used Finesse for many years as I tend to not really have brand loyalty to one shampoo brand. I've used everything from Herbal Essences to Pantene to Suave. I'm really not too picky about shampoo because as long as it doesn't dry out my hair, I figure it's just shampoo. I do agree that some shampoos work better than others at getting your hair soft and shiny. I just don't think shampoo is worth a really big investment because it's not like it's something that is in your hair for a long time. Finesse is great because of the smell, but I'm not sure if it really enhances the texture of my hair. I don't notice a real big difference. I think it'd be great if it gave some volume especially since I now have short hair and don't want my hair to deflate, but I don't really expect much from a shampoo. The smell is great and the low price is enough to keep this as a shampoo I'd have on rotation.

Pasadena, CA


Nice smelling shampoo, but could be better


I bought this shampoo hoping that it would help make my hair a little more manageable. I have used other finesse shampoos before and loved the way my hair smelled and felt after using them. I have used this for the past week and although I am satisfied with the way my hair smells and feels, I do not think that it made much difference to the texture of my hair. I was expecting to have smoother, shinier hair. This leaves my hair a little bit dull feeling and slightly frizzy as well. I know the winter weather doesn't help that, but overall I have had other shampoos that are a comparable cost that leave my hair much more manageable. I would only buy this again if it was the best price, but probably will not be using this on a regular basis.

Philadelphia, PA


Finesse Texture Enhancing Shampoo is just OK


I purchased Finesse Self Adjusting Texture Enhancing Shampoo because it was on sale and I had a coupon.  This shampoo does add softness and shine as stated, and my hair does look pretty good after the first day of washing my hair with it, but I do have to alternate using another shampoo because if I use it 2 days in a row, it looks rather flat.  According to the package, this shampoo has a unique self adjusting formula but I am not sure how that works, maybe the soy proteins?   Like most shampoos with the ingredient Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, it lathers well but I am not too crazy about the smell, which has too much of a perfume smell.  I like a more natural, light smell...maybe vanilla or mint would be good.  I think this shampoo is pretty good shampoo for the price and I will probably purchase it again, but I do hope Finesse comes up with a more natural, fresh smell and maybe calling it their Natural Line. I would recommend this to someone who needs a smoothing shampoo.

Oak Ridge, NC


Finesse Texture Enhancing Shampoo

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