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Finesse Revitalize Shampoo

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I love the smell of this shampoo. My hair always comes out feeling really clean and soft. I don't like shampoos that dry out or make my hair really oily, and this shampoo does it all. i feel like it strengthens my hair without washing out any of the natural oils. I use this everyday when I shower and I have never had any problems finding this product in the store. it's very affordable and it really does work. There is also conditioner available for the revitalizing shampoo. i don't use it since my hair is naturally so oily, but for those of you who could use some help in the moisture department it would be a great addition to your bathing habits. I enjoy the feel of the shampoo in my hair and it lasts a lot longer than other shampoos that i have tried to use in the past. I can also feel that it has cleaned my hair because i can go two or three days without shampooing again. It's a great way to keep the natural oils in your hair per my stylist.   

San Jose, CA


Finesse Revitalize Shampoo

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