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Finesse Flexible Hold Hairspray

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it holds your hair, not freezes it!


Every time i run out of hair spray, i try a different brand in search to find the perfect hairspray. And I finally found it! I love this hairspray because it holds my hair in place, keeps my fly always down, and does not leave my hair hard and crunchy. That is what I absolutely love about this product! FINESSE makes lots of great product, but their hairspray has to be one of many favorite.



Finesse..Just As Good Now As In The 80's!


I am a long time user of Finesse hairspray. It all started back in the 80's when I had the big hair as a teenager. I first started out using that very sticky cheap hairspray that my mother used to find out that you could not get a brush through it later in the day. One day while in the drugstore, I thought I would try Finesse and I have been hooked since that day. Beside the point that it has a great scent and is still affordable, it keeps my hair looking healthy and managable while giving it the body and hold that I am looking for in an hairspray. The main reason that I have used Finesse for so long is that I can run my fingers or a brush through my hair during the day easily as it still maintains the natural feel and softness of my hair. Finesse has gone through some "appearance" changes (haven't we all) and it has still maintained it's great quality.

Jefferson, NY


Finesse is a great, affordable hairspray!


I am a hair product junkie, but I am pretty picky about my hairspray. There are only a few different brands that I will choose from and Finesse is one of them! I really like how great Finesse smells, I like to have a great smelling hairspray because I feel that the hairspray scent is one that kind of "hangs around" all day. So many hairsprays on the market today are either too sticky and create the "helmet head" look or else don't work at all...I think that Finesse Hairspray is the perfect "middle of the road" spray in the sense that it isn't either of those things. Finesse Spray has a great hold for all of the looks that I try to achieve! I prefer for my hairspray to be the aerosol type, and Finesse offers a great variety of hold strengths in aerosol cans. I also love how affordable Finesse is! You just can't beat great style at a great price! Finesse Hairspray gets a hearty recommendation from me to anyone who asks!

Manchester, IA


Finesse Flexible Hold Hairspray

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