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Filtrete Ultra Clean Air Purifier

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Eliminates stale odors


I bought this purifier when I moved into my present apartment not quite 7 years ago. There is a 3/4" space under my door for 'circulation' purposes and odors seemed to be coming into my apartment from the hallway, especially stale cigarette smoke smell. This unit cleared it right up and leaves the aprtment with a clean scent. I usually have it set on the medium setting and it continues to keep my place smelling fresh every day. Unit looks good so I don't mind having it sitting in plain sight just inside my apartment door. One drawback for me is the cost of the filters. They are a bit high and it's difficult for me to find them in local stores so I generally have to order them online. Ease of Maintenance It's a little difficult to change the filter and clean out the dust that has accumulated in the unit. Filter Availability I mentioned that I can't always find filters locally and must order them online Durability Still going strong after 6+ years Effectiveness Removes unwanted odors Design Slim design looks good and fits in a small space.

West Salem, WI


Love it so much, bought two!


In May 2008, my co-workers and I adopted a few kittens that were found under a walking bridge behind my office building. My husband, who is severely allergic to cats and has severe asthma, was less than thrilled when I brought Zoey the Calico kitty home with me. Her temporary stay became permanent. We took her to her first vet check-up and the vet recommended that we purchase an air purifier and told us about this one. I found a great deal on it for 50% off at Best Buy. It has been working great and you definitely can tell when we have it on. Recently, I purchased a second one to put in our great room and bought the smaller version to use in our future baby's room. We live in AZ, where it is quite dusty and the air purifier has done wonders!

Goodyear, AZ


Cleans air


I stayed with a friend who had filtrete air purifiers in all the rooms. Never before had I been in a place with air purifiers and these were amazing. I knew this is what I would buy. The machines made a bit of a hum, but you get accustomed to it. If you go close, you can feel the air on your face, like with a fan. The windows were always closed and the quality of air, seemed like I was in the mountains. Not kidding. There was not a speck of dust to be seen anywhere and the place would be cool and fresh, accompanied by the right temperature setting ac in the summer, heating in the winter. I definately recommend filtrete and believe it is easy to clean and replace the filters. The white color is nice and doesn't stick out with the decor.

New York, NY


The Filtrete Clean AIr purifier is GREAT!


I purchased a Filtrete Clean AIr purifier for my bedroom about 7 months ago and I love it! I was skeptical since I had used other air purifiers but this one has been the best thing for my family and I, ever! I use it in my bedroom and the air in there is totally different from the air in the other 5 rooms in my house. I feel refreshed when I wake up in the mornings now, unlike before the air purifier was placed in the bedroom. My nose isn't all stuffy and I breathe much better. I have sinus problems and it has helped those tremendously. I don't take as much sinus medication as i did before placing the Filtrete Clean Air in my bedroom! I wish I had one in every room of the house because i'm sure it would help if I were in that environment all the time, not just during my sleeping hours. I can honestly say that it was well worth the money. I love the "reminder" that lets me know when to change the filter. The first time I did change the filter I was in shock at the things it had captured!!! It was a comfort to me knowing that those things hadn't gone into my lungs because the Filtrete Clean AIr had prevented that.  Highly recommend it!!    A++++++++++++++

Harlan, KY


Filtrete Ultra Clean Air Purifier

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