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Fiesta Blue Ember FG50069

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Decent grill, not so decent faded look


Overall, this grill performs well; however, there were some issues with fading black plastic parts and a lack of communication from customer service. Performance This is a decent grill and it was given a 5 because of the ability to control the heat and the fact that the self start button has never failed, and will light the grill instantly. Durability I'm not a fan of the fact that the doors come off when you open them to turn on the gas. Design Although the grill works great, this category was given a low rating due to the fact that the first month this grill sat in the sun, it faded miserably. We didn't get a cover right away and we paid for it, as the grill looks awful. We contacted customer service to let them know that we weren't happy with the faded plastic black parts, which were now gray. Unfortunately, we called several times and left messages for a return call and no one called back...poor business. We gave up, but would caution buyers to buy a cover immediately to prevent the graying issue.

Belleville, IL


Fiesta Blue Ember FG50069

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