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Fiber One
Fiber One Toaster Pastry Strawberry

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Fiber One Strawberry Toaster Pastry - a good fiber source


Like most of us, I was told by my doctor to add more fiber to my diet.  I have tried many different products what boost to have fiber and they are pretty much the same.  I decided to try Fiber One Toaster Pastry.  I liked pop tarts and I use to eat them all the time.  So this should be just like that - right?  Not quite.  The strawberry filling is about the same or a little more that is in a Pop tart.  It has a good, strong strawberry flavor.  If you think it was going to taste just like a pop tart, then you are wrong.  It has it's own taste because of the fiber and is more chewy.  I happen to like chewy because I feel like I am getting my calories' worth.  I like it because I get more choices of how I get my fiber and I do not get bored.  Besides, this toaster pastry really satisfies my sweet tooth.  I hope they come out with more flavors like blueberry or cherry.  And because they are a little pricey, a coupon would be good.  All in all I really like them and will continue to buy them.


Oklahoma City, OK


If you are looking for the taste of pop tarts these are not them


I have been trying to eat healthy so I recently purchaed these toaster pastries.  The taste was less than pleasant.  I could eat them if I was REALLY hungry, but they were not good.  Pop tarts also has fiber selections, and although they are not as good as original, they are a lot better than these.


Hadley, PA


Fiber One Toaster Pastries Convenient Dose of Fiber


I don't really like my kids to have Pot Tarts all the time. But I do keep them on hand for days we might be running late in the morning, they can always grab a Popt Tarts and run if thy don't have time to eat something healthier. I was shopping for a box of Pop Tarts to replace our previously emptied box.  Then I happened to see Fiber One on a box nearby.  Now I love the Fiber One Fiber Snack bars, so I picked up the Fiber On Fruit Flavoed Toaster Pastry box and took a look at it.  I saw the 20% Fiber advertisement right thereon the box.  Then I flipped over and looked at the Dietary fiber and sure enough there were 5 grams of fiber in the box, so I decided to give them a try.  Fiber One Toaster Pastries look a lot like regular Pop Tarts.  They come two to a package just like regular Pop Tarts, and there are 6 pastries total in the box.  They are shaped the same as Pop Tarts and have icing on them like the frosted Pop Tarts.  The pastry part is a little darker and has a wheatier texture then regular pop tarts.  They are fruit filled pretty much the same as regular Pop Tarts as well.  The Fiber One Strawberry patris contain wehat, milk, and soy products.  Unfortunately they may be high in fiber but they are still packed with sugar, the second ingredients after wheat grain wheat flour is corn syrup, followed by water, sugar, and High Fructoe Corn syrup. So this is not necessarily a diabetic friendly product.  The Fiber One strawberry pastries have 4 grams of fat, and what I found to be depressing is that they are 190 calories per pastry not per package.  So 2 pastries is 380 calories.  That is a pretty high calorie count, but it is 20 calories less than the regular Pop Tarts.  The fat content is not terribly bad though. As for taste they are a lttle less sweet than regular Pop Tarts and not quite as tasty, but they are OK. They are not something I would crave, but they would do in a pinch if I was in a hurry and needed to grab a quick breakfast.  I wouldn't be tempted to eat these as a snack, but as a quick breakfast the taste is acceptable.  So I really like the fiber content, but I hate that there is so much sugar. But since these are a bit healhier than the regular ones I will eat these instead if I am running late in the morning.  I will continue to buy the regular ones for the kids since they don't have any weight or health issues, and since I don't think they would like these, because they would be comparing them to the regular Pop Tarts and would not like these as much.  I do recommend these but not whole heartedly. 


Crystal Lake, IL


Tastes as boring as it sounds...


**This product in a nutshell: **is boring.  I recently devised a weight loss regimen in which I kicked all my fatty breakfast food and snack food to the curb, replacing them with more wholesome goodies that will satisfy my sweet tooth. Fiber One Toaster Pastries are supposed to be a healthier version of a pop tart and since I'm not hugest fan of pop tarts in general, maybe I shouldn't have picked these up!  They are rather bland!  Though the outer pastry shell contains 20% of my recommended daily allowance of fiber (something I need more of in my diet, for sure), I still can't get past the lack of flavor.  It tastes like carpet!  The fruit filling is the only redeeming quality.  It's sweet, not syrupy, and doesn't contain chunks of fruit.  Once you get past the dry, cardboard taste in your mouth, the fruity deliciousness on the inside will ease your sweet craving.  And forget about the icing on top...it doesn't add much flavor to the pastry. **I'm giving this product 3/5 stars because:**  I like the fruit filling and it contains fiber-enriched whole grains, something my body needs more of anyways.


Mentor, OH


Sweet Strawberry Flavor


I have always been a huge fan of Poptarts and these **Fiber One Strawberry Toaster Pastry** are a great substitution and have added fiber to make them better for you.  The pastries come two to a foil package and each box contains six packages.  They are a perfect treat for the mornings and are easy to toast up in the toaster.  The crust is firm and not too flaky and the strawberry filling is sweet like fresh fruit jam.  I like the taste and it isn't too dry or sweet.  These are also great for on the go because they can be eaten untoasted as well.  Each package is 190 calories, but also has fiber to fill you up in the morning and get you ready for the day.


Las Vegas, NV


A Cross Between a PopTart and Metamucil


I'm not saying that this is the healthiest snack in my pantry, but it has plenty of good points to recommend it.  **Fiber One Strawberry Toaster Pastry** is like a cross between a Pop Tart and a dose of Metamucil.  I mean that in a good way. These whole grain pastries contain 20% of the Daily Value of fiber, they're filling, and they satisfy my sweet tooth. Many years ago, Pop Tarts were a staple in my kitchen cupboards.  They soon fell by the wayside when I adopted better eating habits.  I hadn't thought about them for years until I came across a coupon for the Fiber One Toaster Pastry.  I immediately wanted to give them a try. I'm usually disappointed by what I consider to be "Pop-Tarts wannabes"-they look similar to the real thing but usually have a skimpy filling or a brittle crust.  Therefore, I approached the Fiber One pastry with a healthy amount of skepticism. Just like Pop Tarts, the pastries come two to a foiled package (even though the serving size is one pastry) and there are a total of six in a box.  I warmed the pastry on the toast setting of my toaster oven and pulled out the hot, slightly browned tart.  I was glad that Fiber One didn't skimp on the strawberry filling; it was plentiful and tasted more jam-like than syrupy.  I didn't think the filling was too sweet at all.   The pastry itself had a nice, slightly chewy texture to it, and it wasn't overly dry or crumbly.  I could taste the wheat in the pastry crust, but I only eat wheat bread so that didn't bother me at all.  The only downside is the somewhat bland icing that coats the pastry.  It doesn't have the same flavor as a Pop Tart, but it's not horrible either. Overall, I'm really happy with the **Fiber One Strawberry Toaster Pastry**.  I get a nice dose of fiber and it's a very satisfying treat that fills me up.  I know that it's not the healthiest snack around, but for those occasions when I want something sweet to munch on, I could sure do a lot worse.      Nutrition Info: Calories: 190   Calories from Fat: 40                                         % Daily Value * Total Fat 4.5g                          7%     Saturated Fat  1.5g             8%     Monounsaturated Fat  2g     Polyunsaturated Fat    1g     Sodium 120mg                     5% Potassium 105mg                     3% Total Carbohydrate 36g          12%     Dietary Fiber  5g                 20%     Sugars  13g Protein 4g                                 8%   


Chicagoland, IL


I think they are great


I love the Fiber One Strawberry Toaster Pastry - not only are they high in fiber but they taste great.  The Blueberry is also excellent.  They make a great snack when traveling, or when you are just on the go and want a quick snack--you can throw them in your pocketbook or briefcase --


Stuart, FL


Fiber One Toaster Pastry tase as good as a Pop Tart


I have loved Pop Tarts since I was a kid so I wanted to try Fiber One Toaster Pastry as soon as I saw it in my local grocery store.  I just tried the Strawberry flavored which is naturally and artificially flavored.  1 pastry 190 calories, 4 g total fat, 0 mg cholesterol, 135 mh sodium, 5 g dietary fiber, 15 g sugar They are made with whole grain wheat flour and lots of other ingreidents, less sugar and fat than Pop Tarts and more fiber :)  If your doing Weight Watchers they are 3 points for 1 toaster pastry and I did like them and would buy them again.   


Stafford, VA


Fiber One Toaster Pastry Strawberry

3.6 8