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Baby Fever Treatment
FeverAll Acetaminophen Suppositories

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Child Running a Fever & Vomiting? FeverAll Helps!!


My daughters been throwing up for 2 days now plus running a 103 temp. I tried numerous times to give her liquid fever reducers but she cannot keep it down. The Children's nurse calls back and explains the vomiting can be a result of the high fever, so in my mind what do I do? I'm unable to deliver a fever reducer without it coming back up! I'm so grateful for an over the counter suppository that reduced fever. I went straight out and bought FeverAll and I highly recommend this product if you are in my situation. Once my daughters fever went down her vomiting stopped and now I'm able to offer more fluids and light foods. I didn't know this product was available without a prescription until the nurse recommended it. FeverAll reduces fever and helps with aches and pains. They offer an infant version at 80 mg per suppository. I will keep these on hand from now on just in case. Each child is different when trying to insert so use your imagination on how hard that can be. Make sure you let your child lay down and read a book or watch cartoons for the time span for the suppository to dissolve.



great for children who do not like to swallow medicine


As all moms know most children do not like to take medicine orally. If you have any children that do, your one of the lucky ones. For those who do have the child or children tehy spit out their medicine or just refuse to take it, don't worry their is something to take care of that fever. My pediatrician gave me this product because my little one did not like taking medicine no matter what flavor it was. It's really helps reduce fever.  There is feverall for younger children. Some feverall are for youths and adults from 6 years and above. Feverall suppositories are great for anyone. Feverall is used as a pain reliever and fever reducer. Feverall is never taken orally.

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FeverAll Acetaminophen Suppositories

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