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Fenix LD20 R4 180-Lumen 2XAA Cree LED Flashlight (Fenix)

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LD20 R4 is amazing!


This is by far the best flashlight i have ever owned. It has a strobe mode, SOS mode, and the standard low; medium; and high beams. It also has a turbo mode which is a whopping 210 lumens! It throws the beam very far and i can light up the woods around my house with it. For shuch a small package this little light is a power house, and it only takes 2 AA's. I have taken this light camping with me multiple times and i love it because i dont have to worry about walking in the rain or dropping it in water, as it is water resistant to a meter. It comes with a pocket clip and a spare one (it also comes with spare o rings and rubber clicker) but i just use the case with the belt loop. It is also a very sturdy case and it comes with a velcro strap that you can put around your belt or you can use the permanent belt loop that you have to put on with your belt when you are getting dressed. i love this feature because when i am in a hurry i just use the velcro loop. BUY THIS LIGHT!!!

Elkridge, MD


very bright


Coming from a flashlight fanatic, this Fenix LD20 is one of the best flashlights out there. Fenix LD20 is an outstanding flashlight with 180 lumen that takes only 2 AA batteries. It's about 6 inches long and weights about 3 ounces without the batteries. LD20 has great throw and the ligth is very bright. It uses Cree LED which is undoubtly the best LED out there. Because it's a bit long, I don't carry this one with me at all time, and I don't suggest you do. But for an emergency use, it's a great flashlight and it lasts about 70 hours. It's also waterproof and made of aircraft-grade aluminum so it's very durable. I doubt you'd be able to break with using external force. LD20 has 6 different level of light and two modes, including a SOS mode for emergency situation. You can also get a difusser for using it as a lamp. I have been using this flashlight for over 3 years now and I have been very happy with it.

Adams, NY


Fenix LD20 R4 180-Lumen 2XAA Cree LED Flashlight (Fenix)

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