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Femme Couture
Femme Couture Mineral Effects Loose Mineral Makeup

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Loose Powder Face makeup


    I was blessed with my mother and grandmothers acne disease,  and to be honest I never thought I could look pretty in any makeup I have tried and purchased everything under the sun.  Then one day I went to Salley beauty supply for some hair things and I noticed the makeup, Now at the time this was a brand new product out on the shelf,  so I said to myself what the heck you might as well give it a try.  So I purchased this Femme Coutoure Bare Minerals loose powder makeup.  I had a girls night out that night with my close friends and my cousin and let me tell you the compliments kept coming, They couldn't believe how great I looked it covered up all of my flaws and I felt great.  This is easy to apply and you don't need alot of it,  also it dosen't clog your pores like the liqied or the pan style makeup so my face actually started to look and feel better. I also took my cousin to purchase some and now we both swear by this stuff.  I even went and picked up some extras just to have on hand just in case they stopped making it or they ran out of my color. This stuff is great and the cost isin't bad either.  So the next time you are at the beauty store and you have the same problem I do please try this.

Milwaukee, WI


Femme Couture Mineral Effects Loose Mineral Makeup

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