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For such a large company you would think they would have better customer service and be more attentive towards their customers. I shipped several packages and they are MIA, charged double, triple the amount after sending the packages, or broken. I have tried to get in contact with them to resolve this issue, but they either avoid me or dismiss it altogether. An example of the overcharges is I shipped a flat screen TV from another company. I had no overcharges, no surprise charges and my TV came in one piece. Wish I would have found this company way before FED EX! I would never use this company again! They won't even try to make things right. This is a lot of stress, headache and time.




part time package handler.


I have never worked at a place where head people disrespect workers and treat them like dogs. They do not have no communication skills, they lack in management training, they send workers home when work is slow but just before it hits 9pm they pick the speed up on the handful of workers they have and expect them to get the job done after sending others home because it is costing them money to keep people when darn well there is plenty of work to be done. I recommend anyone looking for a job to look somewhere else unless you like being treated like a dog maybe worst sweating for 6 hours at time and all the head people looking at you and telling you to move faster scan load while boxes are pinning your feet and legs.


South Bend Indiana


Lost traeger grills


FedEx lost $7000 worth of traeger grills that were shipped to our store in Newcastle ok last September during the ok state fair ,,fedex has done nothing to try and help solve this,they were signed for but it was raining out and the driver was in a rush it seemed,the grills were spotted on security cameras in a Kansas warehouse but when they got to okc the cameras were conveniently down and the people at FedEx have not been helpful at all in solving this,would not use them to ship a box across the street,do not use FedEx!


Newcastle ok




Have been in business for 31 years and have had endless problems with Fed Ex. We have instructed ALL of our suppliers to NEVER ship to us via Fed Ex. They have "lost" 6 money orders in the last four months, and we are required to pay the $18.00 per to have a stop payment and reissue the money orders, and they refuse to refund that money. Never more will they get a dime from me.


Lebanon, MO




Delivery exception shows up on my tracking. I run a 24 hour business and tracking says BUSINESS CLOSED or client not available. Had to wait 3 more days because no one works on Sunday and Monday isn't considered a FedEx work day for some reason. Useless delivery company. Incompetent workers who can't find location .


New Orleans

The least pleasant experience ever!


TBH, they don't care about the customer at all. If the delivery attempt is failed, they will not even left you a noticeable note as any reasonable people will do. They will just tell you that 'sorry, miss! three attempts tried.' and end. With the above average rate, its absoutely not worth it. They can't do their job. Avoid it at all cost. If I ever find my online shop use Fedex as delivery agent. I will turn to their competitor for sure.




Dis-functional At Best


This company has become undependable and unresponsive, no updated info on site.. packages sometimes appear to be lost.Their tracking is incomplete and by phone customer service has no info


Cape Coral Florida


HORRIBLE...is truly an understatement !!!!!


Where to start....there is so much negative to say about the FedEx Company. I will try my best to share our experience with you: As a business that orders various companies products; we usually are very easy going with delivery being within the stated date(s) of arrival for our merchandise ordered from various vendors that state delivery dates...same day, 1 day, 3 day, etc. That said, HORRIBLE is truly an understatement. FedEx tends to deliver when the store is closed. We have spoken with there customer service so many times that they actually have had noted our account not to deliver before 1:00pm. As a result there is a permanent note especially for FedEx above our hours, on our door, for them to *deliver after 1:00pm or return later if we are not open yet per our agreement.* You would think that this would be enough....NO, it is not. They continue to deliver before hours and then leave door tags right above the note. When I called customer service they say they deliver whenever they are in the area. They can not call them and have them redeliver. (Have I told you that they have redelivered before). They have also told me even though we come to an amicable agreement and they can indeed read the hours and special note; they are under no obligation to follow them. WOW !!! As a result our store is calling and sending notice to all out vendor companies that we will no longer order any product from them if they are using FedEx for delivery of our merchandise.


Wernersville, PA




Worst customer service, They have absolutely NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON. when i called about a package sitting in limbo, they asked the SAME EXACT QUESTIONs from days ago. Plus they kept transferring me or hanging up on me. I am so angry at fedex. I hate them.




Federal Express And Manju Varma! You Are The Best! Keep Up T


Federal Express And Manju Varma! You Are The Best! Keep Up The Good Work! I have personally been a loyal customer to Federal Express for nearly 20 years and just want to personally thank Federal Express and especially Manju Varma, Employee I.D. Number # 790226 for Taking Care Of Me and For Making Sure That My Package Was Properly Picked Up And Delivered On Time! Furthermore, both my mother and myself had received a lovely Gift Basket back on Wednesday, Jully 27, 2016 from Manju Varma and I just can Not Say Enough Thanks and Thank You's For It! I personally made a Youtube Video about our receiving Your Gift Basket Experience and wanted to Thank You in a Very Special Way and Please Excuse some of the dark lighting in our Youtube Video since it is only Amateur. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07Rf3zQ49lM Thank you once again for Showing that You Care. Sincerely yours, Howard Paul Shore Helene Shore Loyal Federal Express Customers /HPS


Toronto, Ontario Canada



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