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Febreze Vacuum Bags

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Very impressed with Febreze Vacuum Bags!


My sister gave me her old vacuum when I moved out and I wasn't very happy about it because I would have to start using Vacuum bags, but after using the Febreze Vacuum bags, I don't care! They make my apartment smell SO good!! I've had a bad odor coming from my garbage disposal and after lighting candle after candle it's getting expensive and it doesn't last. I vacuumed with these bags on Saturday and my house STILL smells amazing! Even better than when I would use the carpet sprinkles with my bagless vacuum. I would definitely recommend this to people who use bags. Get rid of the sprinkles and kill two birds with one stone, you'll save money and you'll love the way it makes the rooms in your house smell! I also think it's safer because you don't have to worry about whether or not you got all the powder vacuumed up and you won't have to worry about your pets or kids. Seriously, this is something you have to try!

Salem, OR


The Febreeze vacuum bags make my house smell wonderful!


Smells really bother me...and when the vacuum smells burnt or dusty while I'm vacuuming, that makes me not want to vacuum! But then I discovered these bags! At first, the Febreeze smell seemed to overpower and be really strong. But then I realized that the smell lasts a very long time! Now, instead of being able to tell I vacuumed because of the horrible smell in the house, you can tell I vacuumed because of the wonderful fresh scent throughout my whole house! And I would say that probably 90% of my house is carpet, so that's a lot of vacuuming! And when I say my whole house smells good, it really does because of all the carpet in our house! Before, I used the Arm & Hammer brand with the pet fresh scent. That smelled good while I was vacuuming, but once I was finished, the scent was gone. So even though the Febreeze was very overpowering at first, I got to enjoy the scent well after being finished vacuuming!

Muskegon, MI


Freshner only lasted a few vacuuming sessions.


I bought a box of these because of the Febreeze name. I was really disappointed. You have to put the power in the bag when putting a new vacuum bag in and it is reallys strong. Then it quickly dissipates and after a few vacuums there is not smell at all.

Midlothian, IL


Febreze Vacuum Bags

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