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Febreze Thai Dragonfruit

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Best scent


Of all the febreze air effects scents I have tried, Thai dradonfruit is by far my favorite. It works great to freshen up a stale smelling room, but it also does a pretty good job of covering up worse smells. It covers up cat stinky smells really well, although it wont make a room smell clean if it isn't actually clean. I like that this scent is light and tropical smelling without being overpowering or giving you that choking feeling. I am sensitive to scents and find that I can use this one no problem. The pink bottle is cute and I really like how it stands out at the store making it easy to find. Another great scent febreze makes is the apple cinnamon, but I think I like the thai dragonfruit even better than that one, which used to be my favorite. These bottles also last for a really long time, and I love the trigger type bottle. Makes it easy and actually kindof fun to use.



this spray smells wonderful


this is a wonderful smelling spray that is not overpowering. it is like all other febreze by being good at covering odors in the air and it lasts for a long time. this spray has a very fruity and floral smell to it. also, even though it has nothing to do with the sprays performance, the bottle is very pretty and is nice to leave out with other decorations

Tallahassee, FL


Love that exotic scent!


I am very excited about Febreze's new scents. I just got this one last week. It has an amazing exotic scent that I just love! I have asthma, and a lot of air freshners give me problems, but NOTHING from Febreze ever does. This Thai Dragonfruit scent is really a beautiful scent, such a nice change from your old standards (vanilla, fresh rain, type scents). It doesn't leave a heavy chemical smell to it after being sprayed like a lot of air fresheners do. It is a very light scent. It still works it's Febreze magic by eliminating odors, but leaves a pretty smell behind afterward. It still has a nice clean scent to it, just with a little more Umph! I used it in our kitchen after cooking with garlic, and it really worked it's magic. NO MORE GARLIC SMELL!

Cayce, SC


Thai Dragonfruit takes you away to an exotic place!


Febreze Thai Dragonfruit is definitely my favorite scent from the Febreze collection. I live in a college dorm , and it gets pretty stinky sometimes. A quick spray of Febreze, and the odor is not only neutralized, but the nice smell of dragonfruit is left over to freshen up the room. I always get compliments whenever people walk into my dorm because it smells so nice. The price is not bad either, and there are plenty of coupons that can make it even better-priced. It is also safe for just about anything, from pets to children. I have always loved Febreze products, and I think they are one of the best lines of air fresheners on the market today. Also, even though it is technically air freshener, Febreze air freshener works on fabrics. I use it on my bed and my closet to get rid of any odors. If you are looking for a product to work on any odor, and a product that is available in a variety of scents, Febreze is for you.

Halifax, PA


im not a big fan But i love Febreze thia dragonfruit!


I dont absolutly love Febreze but this scent is amazing this is the only smell i will buy because i think it is just an exotic smell. My boyfriend loves it and it is really hard to find a smell that he likes but he will actually go to the store and pick it up himself if i run out of it.

Malta, OH


Febreze Thai Dragonfruit

4.8 5