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Febreze Scentstories Player

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LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!! I'm about to buy one for my daughter.


Daily use.

Winter Garden, FL


Freshen Up With Scentstories


I love to try new fragrances so I purchased the scentstory Player.One player was not enough for my entire house,so I bought two. The player itself kind of reminds me of a portable Compact Disc Player. It has a pop up door on the top which opens with a touch of your finger. You then place the disc into the player and close the door. The next step is to push the play button on the player. Instead of playing music, the player plays scents. The discs play approximately five different fragrances. The disc that I have in my player right now is titled "Strolling Through the Garden." It has five tracts. 1=strolling by lilacs 2=picking peachy freesias 3=making a bouquet 4=beside the honeysuckle 5=among the Roses Each of the fragrances ,smell just like they sound and they dispence the aroma throughout the room. I love my Scentstories Players and I do recommend them to anyone who loves for their home to smell good!

Rocky Mount, NC


Push the Button and Let It Go --- Good Scents!


I received the Febraze Scentstories Player some time ago as a gift, and it has really come in handy.  As a family with quite a few pets, our house doesn't always smell so great.  Scented sprays contain harsh and possibly harmful chemicals, they smells are too strong, and they don't last at all.  Scented candles are wonderful, but not always safe when you have a cat or two (or a child or two, or even a clumsy adult like myself!) in the room.  The solution for me has been my Febreze Scentstories Player!  I wish it were battery operated: mine needs to be plugged in and therefore needs to be placed close to an outlet.  However, once I put it on my entertainment center and turned it on, the delicious scents filled the room.  The timer changes the scent every once in a while in order to keep it fresh.  The discs have become somewhat difficult to find so I have had to order replacements over the internet, but the selection of different scents is wonderful and each disc lasts a VERY long time.  I highly recommend the Febreze Scentstories Player!

Farnham, VA


Febreze scentsrories player


I remember when I bought this several years ago, I could not wait to get it home and try it out! At first I was impressed that a disc that looked like a cd was actually an air freshner, but that was short lived. It seemed that the disc only really smelled at first, I did not feel like the scent was lasting. The machine seemed to be on the larger size to me, I really did not care about having something of this size sitting on my table. although you can put this machine where you want, it does need to be next to a plug. There are several disc you can choose from but I really do not think they are worth the price. There is a button you can skip over a certain smell on the cd if you would like. I also noticed a little bit of a humming noise coming from the machine upon startup, but just assumed this is normal. I would much rather have a spray air freshner and have not used this machine in ages, it is somewhere in the closet since right after it was purchsed.

Bedford, KY


Scentstories player is great even for large rooms


This is a great little machine.  You have disc that you place inside and the sent is blown threw the house.  Yankee candle also sells the disks for this machine and if your like me, I love the smell of yankee candles.  Those are the only discs I use in this machine.  My living room is pretty large and I have the player in there and it works great when you enter the room you really can smell the sents from the disk.  Well worth the cost.

Acushnet, MA


just when you forget it's on, it sends a new scent!


I've had a Febreze ScentStories in my home for years and I love it!  As soon as you start to relax into one scent, it bounds right into another.  I have a cat, two fishtanks and a guy {enough said}, and this works wonders when I need it!

Wilmington, DE


It makes me love my life


I swear febreeze has some of the best smelling scents for this scentstories air freshener.  The vanilla assortment disk is phenomonal.  It is strong enough to fill the room, but still easy on the nose.  It's come in handy quite a few times when I didn't have time to give the house a proper once over before guests arrived.

Pittsburgh, PA


Febreze Scentstories Player

4.3 7