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Febreze SSP500 Air Effects Disc Machine

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Febreze Air Effects keeps your home smelling fresh!


I love my Febreze Air Effects. I have children and pets so I'm constantly trying to keep my home looking and smelling clean. The Febreze Air Effects takes care of keeping my home smelling clean for me. I love the fact that I can choose the scents on discs that "play" in the unit. The discs each have 5 scents on them & they play for 30 minutes. There are also 3 scent levels so I can control the amount of fragrance. The discs can be a little expensive. But they are long lasting & smell great so I think it's worth it. And depending on how many air fresheners you were going through before you may actually end up saving money. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a product to keep their home smelling fresh!

Canton, OH


great product


I came across febreze air effects air freshers and tried them. they work great. Then a new product came out called Febreze Air effects scent storie machine. I loved the air freshner so much that I decided to buy the disc machine made by Bionaire model number SSP500. This machine is awesome. You can buy a disc that has 5 different scents on it. Put it in the machine and press the play button. It plays like a cd player but with scent discs. There is a button for the intersity of the scent 3 levels. The machine will play the entire disc and then shut off or you can just play the one scent you want.  You can get the scent story disc at walmart, and yankee candle that I have tried. So you can get your favorite candle scent in disc form for the scent storie machine. Scentstories machine will fill your room with fragrance automatically rotating btween the 5 scents every 30 minutes to freshen the room. 20 uses per disc. Use your disc again and again for up to 50 hours of fragrance. I love using my febreze scent story machine in the bath room since we have a cat box in there for the kitties. what a great place to use this product.

Springville, NY


Febreze SSP500 Air Effects Disc Machine

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