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Febreze Anti-Microbial

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Love it!


I really like Febreeze products, however Febreeze Antimicrobial spray has got to be my favorite. When I'm using Febreeze spray to freshen the fabrics in a room I don't just want to mask any odors, I'd like them to actually go away. I think the Antimicrobial spray does a good job of that. I use this spray all over my house. It has uses in so many different rooms. In the living room I spray it on the couch and the rug, after vacuuming. In the bedrooms, I spray down the mattresses after I take the sheets and blankets off to throw in the washer. In the bathroom, I spray down the outside shower curtain between actual washes in the machine. I also use it on curtains in every room and on the throw rugs between actual washings. Scent Febreeze Antimicrobial spray has a nice, fresh scent. It's not too strong or overwhelming, so you know it's not just masking any odors in the room. It seems to actually refresh fabrics.

Southfield, MI


Febreeze anti-microbial is like disinfectant spray for fabrics


Febreeze Fabric Refresher Anti-microbial formula is basically lysol spray for fabrics and furniture. Dont you get frutrated that your lysol spray kills 99.8% of germs in your house-EXCEPT- on your furniture and fabrics? This has been out for years yet you never see a commercial on it and yet its my favorite cleaning product. My son is immunocomprimised and germs are a big deal. It is necessary for us to keep the germs out of our home as much as possible. I admit Im a germ-freak because of this and yes, I sanitize my house daily. Febreze anti-microbial has really helped us. I try to use our h20 steam sanitizer almost daily-but thats not good for everything-like drapes,couches,bedding,rugs,etc. THIS IS ! Simply spray like you normally would any febreze or fabric refresher spay and like lysol it kills 99.8% of germs and odors,but unlike lysol this is for fabrics! If your going to usea fabric refresher spray anyways why not use the anti-microbial formula and really clean your house instead of just deoderizing it. It smells good just like regualr febreze anf costs the same amount as regular febreze and comes in the same size. I use this on the drapes,bathmats,doormats,rugs,comforters,pet beds,pillows and more. This is a great way to help your family!

Las Vegas, NV


Febreze Anti-Microbial

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