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Febreze Air Effects Limited Edition Seaside Spring and Escape

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This scent takes me away!


I think Febreze air effects air fresheners in general are good products. They have a lot of interesting scents and they work well. My sister introduced me to the Seaside Spring and Escape scent and I absolutely love it! After I smelled it at her house, I went to the store to buy some, but I couldn't find it. That is because it is a limited edition product, so only available at certain times of the year, ie Spring. But now, in March I am seeing it in the stores, and my sister even bought me some because she knows I like it so much. It seriously smells like the beach in Hawaii. Having lived in Hawaii for a few years and now residing in Colorado, I miss the beach and warm weather. When I smell this air freshener I am instantly transported to the beach in Hawaii. It has scents of coconut and subtler notes of plumeria and other tropical flowers. I know not everyone will like it, but if you like the beach and are longing for the ocean, I highly recommend Seaside Spring and Escape!

Fort Morgan, CO


Febreze Air Effects Limited Edition Seaside Spring and Escape

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