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Feature Comforts Small Space Heater

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Good for heating child's room


We have bought two of these units from Lowe's. We have the "ceramic compact personal electric" model. They are cheap (around twenty bucks), but seem to be holding up well. There is a fan, two heat settings to choose from, and a thermostat that tells the unit when to kick on. The fan does not run unless the heat turns on, so if noise of the heater turning on and off all night long would bug you this might be a problem. We put these in our young children's bedrooms and use them at night to make sure they stay warm enough if their blankets fall off. They heat well and will make a small space very warm quickly. We would buy these again and recommend.

Albuquerque, NM




I love my feature comforts fan heater so much that its my 3rd one. It heats any room very fast. Its quiet and safe to have the power on all night and to have around kids small kids. I live in Wisconsin and it has gotten me the some cold fall nights in September and most of October so I don't need to turn on the heat (furnace).

Milwaukee, WI


Great heater at a great price!


My husband and I haven't expanded enough where we use the second floor to our house that often. My office is the only room up there and I only use it occasional. So we shut off the heater vents to the upstairs and I use this heater only when I am up there. We are trying to save money where ever we can these days! But this heater is GREAT! It can warm up my office, a small sized bedroom, fairly quickly. I love that it has the thermostat feature, since I would take a sweatshirt off before I think to turn down the heater! My model is slightly different then the one photo... but the one I have has a feature where if it is knocked over (not standing up straight) it automatically shuts off. Which is great since my 70lb Bulldog likes to come into my office like a Bull in a China shop! But it would be great for people with babies or other animals as well.

Buffalo, NY


Feature Comforts Small Space Heater

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