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Feature Comforts Oscillating Electric Heater Fan

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Feature Comforts Heater Ideal Supplemental Heat Source


I bought the Feature Comforts Oscillating Electric Heater Fan (model HFJ15-E) to ensure that my baby's room stayed warm over night while we turned the thermostat back for the rest of the house. My favorite feature of the fan is that it has a thermostat and I could sleep well knowing that the room wouldn't be too hot or too cold. The space heater has a display so you can see if it is on, what the temperature is, and what the settings are. I have slept in the same room as it a few times and the noise produced when it kicks on is quiet. It seems to me that when I turn on the oscillating function it turns back in forth, but won't continue when it turns itself back on with the thermostat after a temperature drop. This heater would be better if it had a "memory" to store the set temperature so that when it is plugged back in you don't have to reset the temperature.

Greer, SC


Feature Comforts Digital Oscillating Heater Fan HF0031


We love our "Feature Comforts" Digital Oscillating Heater Fan Model HF 0031.  It is convenient and adds many comforts to our second family room or Solarium.  With no central heating in this room, this great heater fan warms our area with one click switching it on or off.  With temperature controls controlled by a "Plus" and "Minus," we can adjust temperatures with + and - . Example:  Let's say 80 degrees is too hot so we press the - button to lower the temperature. This heater is equipped with a "Timer Setting" which enables the heater to turn on and off automatically.  When the heater is on (HI or LO), press the timer key twice until pilot lamp flashes and timer can be adjusted by using -/+ knob to set auto off. This heater fan can be stored with little effort due to its small size.  Just place it in a corner out of site for the sumer months. Pull it out for fall weather when needed. 

Houston, TX


A great addition to individual room heating


The Feature Comforts oscillating electric heater fan, model #HFJ15-E is a handy addition to any room.  It displays the room heat and is adjustable for 1/2 to 8 hours or continuous operation.  We use it in our bedroom at night, set it at 65 or 70 degrees and it cycles on and off as necessary to maintain the room temperature.  Power usage is either 900 or 1500 watts, whichever is selected.  It can be operated in a stationary or oscillating method.

Granbury, TX


Feature Comforts Oscillating Electric Heater Fan

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