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Feature Comforts HRJ15-E Oscillating Electric Heater Fan

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every winter i suffer while i sleep because i'm always cold no matter how high the heat is set to. this isnt good for my wallet and does litte to help me so i decided to buy this heater fan to place in the corner of my bedroom and aim it in the general direction of my bed. it keeps me warm all night AND helps save so much money from heating costs. i might buy another to keep it in the living room to keep it toasty. that way i can maybe lower the heating level since this keeps me really warm. i love the oscillating effect because it helps the heat spread throughout the room rather than have one part of the room hot but the other parts cold. this is a great oscillating electric heater fan that i would recommend.


Washington, DC


The Feature Comforts Oscillating Heater Fan is a true bargain


The Feature Comforts Oscillating Electric Heater Fan model #HFJ15-E is simply amazing in its simpicity.  So easy to use just plug it in and press the on/off switch.  It turns on and can be adjusted to operate at the low (900 Watt) or high (1500 watt) setting.  Use the oscillating button for widespread heating or press the button to direct the heat to a specific target.  The heater is equipped with a timer which can be set to operate from 1/2 to 8 hours or continuous.  The thermostat can be set in ranges from 41F to 99F,  Wherever the temperature is set the room will remain at that temperature. 


Granbury, TX


Feature Comforts HRJ15-E Oscillating Electric Heater Fan

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