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Does the job well with some great features


We purchased this heater as one of the most inexpensive we could find in an emergency when we lost heat in our home and just needed something as a temporary fix while we waited to get the central unit fixed.  I like this heater so much I've kept it in my office for chilly mornings and evenings when I just need a little extra burst of heat.  What I really like is the features- for one, if it turns over, etc, there is a switch on the bottom that automatically shuts the heater off.  Even though these aren't a huge fire hazzard, the switch on the bottom gave me a tremendous peace of mine in putting this heater in my daughter's room at night.  Also the settings are super-easy to understand and use with no complicated thermostats or parts to go wrong.  For the price range, I can't imagine a better little heater that is simpler to operate or heats up an entire room any better.  I am extremely pleased with this purchase and would buy another in a heartbeat if we needed one.

Yadkinville, NC


Feature Comforts Heater/Fan is compact-quiet and works great!


My boyfriend and I rent a large studio apartment in Las Vegas Nevada and our landlord provided us with a new space heater. He brought us a small compact one a Feature Comforts model HFG15A. When we first seen this tiny heater we both laughed at first thinking how could this tiny little heater do a good job of heating our apartment? This is now our second season using it and we both love it alot. Even on the low heat setting it heats our apartment so well that sometimes I have to turn it off and we stay nice and warm for about an hour or two. In the summertime I use the fan setting in the kitchen when I'm cooking and the little unit works better than a larger fan that I used to use. It's small enough that I can even set it in the window to blow out the hot air in the kitchen. In the cold weather months we'll take it in the bathroom when showering- plug it in - set it on the floor and it makes it nice and toasty in there so we don't have to get cold getting  out of a warm shower. I highly recommend this little heater/fan to everyone. Sorry I don't know the cost of it.

Las Vegas, NV


featurecomforts is great


i really like this heater because its small enough to heat up a room and it never gets too hot that after a while you have to turn it off you can leave it on and forget about it one thing aboout it is that i would not recommend to somebody with a huge house or big rooms because its not that powerful. i have had heaters before that after a while i just have to turn them off because they are just too strong adn it only heats up on spot while the rest is still cold while this one actually blows out the hot air it feels great it heats up a place real nicely. another little small tick of tis heater is that you i would recommend that you turn it off and wait before you unplug it instead of just unplugging it while its still ion or unplugg it as soon as you turn it of because i think that the cord does tend to get a but too hot for comfort so my suggestion is simply just wait to unplug it so the cord can cool off before you grab it :)

San Diego, CA


Feature Comforts Compact Heater

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