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Faultless Heavy Starch Professional Formula

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Faultless Starch is flawless!


Over the years I have used many brands of spray starches in my sewing room. Being I tend to go through a lot of starch how well it works matters to me more than most. Most starches work but some leave white flakes on the fabric which takes away from the nice crisp look we want when using startch. Worse yet some leave residue on the iron. Then, the next time you use the iron it leaves nasty brownish colored stains on your light colored fabrics. With Faultless Professional Heavy Starch I don't have those problems. I spray it on the fabric, wait a couple of seconds and iron. No white flakes and no yukky dried residue on the iron or the fabric. Finally I get only positive results from a starch!

Hayfield, MN


Faultless Starch works every time!


Faultless Heavy Starch is great for people looking to add the professional crisp look to their clothes without the high price of paying someone to do it for you. Ironing holds its creases and smoothness much longer with the use of starch. This formula seems to work quite well as far as stiffness without being too heavy. If you use it on heavier fabrics, spraying a second dose and re-ironing certain areas works fine. I have tried a few starches, even some homemade recipes, and they usually flake too easily while ironing; Faultless' starch spray does that much less (especially if you use a steam iron on it).The "Original Fresh Scent" is pleasant and not too perfumy. My only negative is that when you get near the end of the product (maybe an eighth of the can left), the spray becomes a little thicker and not as smoothly dispersed. I think to reduce that effect, you have to shake up the contents frequently. I also had a can once rust around the top when it sat for a while, but I was still able to use it. Overall, Faultless Heavy Starch a great value and time-saver.



Faultless Heavy Starch Professional Formula

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