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Faultless Garden Claw

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Challenging to Use Garden Tool


The Faultless Garden Claw looks like a great idea. Being able to stand upright and use upper body strength to do weeding or break up tough soil certainly beats working on hands and knees. But I found that this tool was difficult to use. If the soil was soft and the weeds not too deeply-rooted, I could get it to work. But try to use it on a dandelion or other deeply-rooted plant, or use it in rocky soil and it's another thing entirely. All my strength could not make this tool work under those circumstances. Also, one of the prongs broke when it ran up against a rock. I wish my yard wasn't so challenging, that all I had were nice, soft-soiled gardens, since then this tool would have worked really well.




Pretty darn good!


The garden claw is truly a neat tool. It will dig up hard packed dirt for you and is great to get out those really tough deep seated weeds. It's worth the money, and will not break as many plastic things will. You can also use your body weight to help you use this tool. It's great too in that it takes the strain of bending etc off your back.


Pittsburgh, PA


Excellent weeder and small area soil turner.


I had seen the ads for the Garden Claw for years and been interested in trying it, but had never bought it. I happened to get a great deal on one that was being clearanced at Target. I have a side yard that has been weeds and hardpan since I moved into my house a few years ago and I decided it was finally time to attack it.After killing most of the weeds with Roundup, I attacked the remainders and the hard packed clay soil. The Garden Claw ripped out the roots and easily churned up the soil. It prepared a great surface for me to plant grass seed.The one drawback was I used this over a large area and wore myself out by the end. If you are looking to churn the soil over a significant area I would suggest renting a rototiller.


Cheyenne, WY


I love my Garden Claw


I garden in hard clay soil - almost cement really,  It is very difficult to work with.  I purchased the Garden Claw, hoping that it would help me to cut through the soil.  It works fantastic.  If I am working in an area I never dug before, I water the area first.  I then insert the garden claw into the soil (jam it in really) and twist. Then repeat.  I move down the row until I have dug the entire plot.  It really breaks up the clay soil and its fun to use' though i suppose I look a little silly out there doing the 'twist'.  Once I have finished my plot, I am able to dig it with my shovel.  Those with finer soil, may even be able to skip the shovel part. I think the handle design is a real key to its success.  It allows me to put more force into it.  I have also found that I can do a larger area without tiring than I can with other garden tools.  That being said, it sure is tiring to do this after a while and your arm muscles will be quite sore the next day.  I would recommend using it on small flower beds until you see the effort required for your particular soil. 


Denton, TX


The Garden Claw works great in my gardens, avoid rocks though!


My garden claw has been helpful and a lifesaver in many aspects! It makes pulling weeds a breeze! Just step on the Claw, turn and you've got loosened soil for easy weed pulling! It helps ensure you get the whole root and not just the surface weeds! Also great for breaking up your hard soil. Works well for mixing in food or soil ammendments and preparing areas for new plants! I have encountered some areas where this was not an effective tool. I live where the ground is very rocky and it makes it hard for the Claw to be effective when you keep hitting rocks! When loosening hard soil, it is hard on your body! I consider myself to be in decent shape, but am almost always sore after using the Garden Claw. I only use it now in my raised flower beds and for weeding and mixing in plant food and it works great! I would recommend this to any gardener to have in their tool shed despite the downfalls this product has.


Bonney Lake, WA


not useful for me


I borrowed the Faultless Garden Claw from a neighbor.  He offered it to me when I was turning over the soil in an unused bed for the first time in a very long time.  The previous owners had neglected the area very badly.  My soil was full of weeds and clay and was compacted.  The Garden Claw was fairly useless for the project.  Big chuncks of clay got stuck in the tines.  It only penetrates the soil a few inches.  It was the wrong tool for the job I was doing.  I quickly returned it and continued to use an old fashion shovel for the job.   That being said, I'm not sure what types of jobs the garden claw would be good for.  If the soil is already soft and loamy, what would be the purpose in using it?  If it needs a lot of work like mine did, the garden claw is useless.  Regardless it does not live up to the advertisements and I do not recommend purchasing it.  I am glad I had the opportunity to borrow it.


York, PA


Faultless garden claw is not for seniors.


***I would not recommend this Faultless garden claw to seniors. It's difficult to use and the twisting and turning is way too much effort. It's hard on the hands, wrists and arms and only tends to make the average senior stiff and achy.  The claws on this tool do not get far enough into the dirt to do much good. This may be an okay product if you are under 40 years of age, but not a good product for seniors to use. The old fashioned shovel and hoe seem to be easier to use.***


Crestline, OH


Time and back saver!


I love this product!  I have had several of these through the years because family and friends keep borrowing them and "forget" to return them.  I can't get to upset though because it is one of the handiest thigns for any gardener out there.  Before I found this product it would take me twice as long to prepare my flower bed for spring planting. During the winter when the clover, weeds, and crass seem to gradually climb into the garden beds and it is just too cold to go outside and pull them out you don't have to worry about spending hours kneeling on a mat trying to pull everything out.  This tool will not only loosen the weeds from the dirt but it also airates the ground.  I can easily stick my furtilizer into the ground using this product.  Instead of constantly pulling and weeds breaking off now I can just pluck them from the airated dirt.  I spend half the time preparting my beds now, this is a product everyone should have!


Franklin, TN


The garden claw is easy to use and works very well for those tha


The garden claw is easy to use,for those like me that are disabled and have back problems.It doesnt take very much to twist and turn to till up the soil.I use it for along the side of my mobile for flower planting.Very handy to keep around.They are hard to find as I had to go to about 6 stores before finding it and I grabbed it.


Hominy, OK


Back saver


I love my Claw.  This handy tool is a handy and back saving tool.  With this handy garden tool you can remove those pesky dandelions and other weeds with ease.  I used to kneel (on a pad) and move from weed to weed digging and pulling attempting to get roots and all.  By the end of a weeding session not only were my knees bruised but my back was killing me!  Now, I just put The Claw over that nasty weed, twist the handle right and left and that week is pulled up roots and all.  Even when the soil dry and hard you can use just a little muscle and push it down into the dirt and get that weed.  I have found that a second great use if for tilling a small area in the flower bed or garden.  I just use it in the soil to break it up and prepare it for planting.  I can add my compost or other soil ammendments to the area and use The Claw to mix it all in.  All without bending over and digging with that awkward shovel. Clean up is a breeze, just hose it off and put it away.  I will admit that I broke one but it was over 5 years old so felt I got my money out of the investment.


Albany, OR


Faultless Garden Claw

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