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Fashion Bug - Fashion bug plus

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Low priced cute clothes but not meant to last


Fashion Bug has a great selection of clothes for every size.  I am not a plus size girl but like so many of the other reviews I read, I don't like shopping for clothes because I'm not sure what fits or what will look good on me.  The girls at my Fashion Bug are very helpful and style-conscious.  They were able to help me get a basic fall wardrobe for under $200.  The clothes are all reasonably priced so that's another plus; and you can earn points that equate to basically a gift card every time you use your Fashion Bug credit card so it's another "plus" for shopping there.  The downside I see to FashionBug is the quality.  I don't buy clothes real often and I don't buy real trendy clothes so I like them to last.  The quality isn't there in Fashion Bug clothing, but I guess it really can't be for the price.  I'm not complaining, just pointing out the fact.  I have learned to cold water wash and line dry ALL the clothes I buy there so that they don't shrink or get misshapen.  I like the store and will continue to shop there.

East Peoria, IL


Rude, dismissive sales girls..


I got a coupon in the mail for $10.00 off anything, like $10.00 off $10.00 if I wanted.  I hadn't been to Fashion Bug in ages so I decided to use the coupon, get the discount and check out the store.   There were two girls working there, teenaged.  One was really "direct" about ignoring me.. the other was OK but still walked away when I was closing in on the counter to check out.  I bought a couple of shirts, good price, OK quality and the sizing was good.  I stood at the counter for about 6 minutes.. give or take with one sales girl "hiding" in the back and the other wasting her time up front organizing shoes or hats or something.  I waited patiently...  then I jumped on the counter tore the register from it's base and ran out of there with all the money I could stuff down my bra...  no, not really.  I cleared my voice, said excuse me and within a moment the one girl looked up and the other came out from the back "apologetically" to wait on me.  Did I mention that I was the only customer in the store.. yep, just me and two skinny beotches.    I don't think I'll be going back there soon. 

Schuylerville, NY


i love this place


I am not the type of person that likes to go shopping for clothes mainly beacuse i am considered over weight... going to a major department store always brings me down... they either don't have your size or they look down on your for being heavy... But not at fashion bug.... when you walk into one of their stores their workers are very friendly and very helpful...  and you do not have to feel embaressed when you go in there...  Their prices are right for just about anyone... And they always have sales that are going on... and if you join their mailing list they send you extra saving and let you know when the sales are going on or they give you cheaper sales... the only down fall to their mailing list is you have to have internet access and an e-mail address... that is how they send the information... and most of the discounts are only for on-line orders... so if you do not have a credit card.. the sales are of no use to you...

Slatington, PA


Fashion Bug - Fashion bug plus

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