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Farouk Biosilk
Farouk Biosilk Flat Iron

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This product is a waste of money


I have wavy hair which is easily flat ironed ,I owned the same product in the past and loved it but after using this product only a few times and having this flat iron only a week it stopped working I tried contacting manufacturers with no luck. so in my opinion save your money



farouk biosilk= flat silky straight


its a really good straigtners that leaves hair smooth and silky. gets hotter than alot of the cheaper irons ive bought before which is a bonus just dont leave in sitting on your rug for more than 5 minutes or it might melt it. but especially good for frizzy or curly hair.i like the smaller design because its better for sectioning your hair and you get better results.it is a little more pricey than other better its definately worth the the price. if you dont have the money for it, there are cheaper ones out there but ive found that the cheaper ones seem to break easier and dont last as long as this one.

Bensalem, PA


Why haven't you gotten your Chi flat iron yet?


So, let's talk about hair.  I have that "yuk" hair.  You know how some people can wake up, jump in the shower and off they go?  Yeah well, I'm not one of those people.  After I get out of the shower, it's on!  First, I would plug in my flat iron that I had purchased at some local store.  Next, I would have to dry my hair straight, by either using a brush or those blow dryers with the comb on it, which was a chore within itself!   After that, I would HOPE that my iron was hot and ready to go.....only to fight and press HARD on my hair for it to look half way decent.  Oh what I would give for this disasterous hair to be easier to work with!  The headache of knowing everyday had to start out so difficult!  Then someone told me about the Chi hairstyling iron made by Farouk!  I saw the results from the friend who told me about it.  I was so amazed!  I tried it on my own hair and that was all it took!  I HAD to have one.  I don't think I could live without my Chi.  Mornings are so much easier.  I jump in the shower, jump out, blow dry my hair, might I add, however I want to blow dry my hair..yay!  Let it air dry half way and blow dry the rest or just hang my head upside down and go to town!  Then plug in my Chi flat iron, brush through my hair OR brush my teeth and my Chi is ready to go!  Yeah...that's what I said!  It heats up that fast!  The ceramic plates on the Chi glide through your hair making it smooth as silk.  For the smoothest results, I do recommend that you use a comb to separate the hair as you straighten it.  All you have to do is give the Chi flat iron a try and you will be hooked!

Lake Cormorant, MS


I love the Farouk Biosilk flat iron!!


My old flat iron broke about a month ago so I went out and bought myself the Farouk one inch ceramic flat iron and I love it. I've never had a flat iron that works so good. My hair stays sleaker and straighter throughout the whole day, as opposed to going frizzy partway through like before. I absolutely love it!!

Mission Viejo, CA


great flat iron


The Farouk Chi flat iron is the absolute best product to straighten thick, course, curly hair. No one would ever know your hair isn't naturally straight. I use a little biosilk for added shine and sometimes a little leave in conditioner on my ends. You can also use a heat protectant spray. Being it is high heat, I don't recommend it for daily use or you could fry your hair. Once you straighten it, the style is good for a few days, even in humid Fla. Only if it gets wet will it lose the straightness. I have the 1 inch, because it's best to do smaller sections to get nice shiney, natural movement.

Hudson, FL


Farouk Biosilk Flat Iron

4.2 5