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Farnam Products
Farnam Products Room Fogger Adams Pls 3 Pack 6oz 4

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Easy and effective


My mom was horrified at the end of the summer last year when both of her dogs ended up with fleas despite using a flea and tick preventative. Not wanting to mess around and let her whole house become infested we decided to fog the house before they took over. Having worked for a pet store in the past I knew that Adams was one of the most effective brands so off I went to pick up a few 3 packs. The associate did suggest that we spray under things like sofas and bureaus that are low to the ground so we did that, set off the foggers and took the dogs to the groomers. The Adams foggers were super simple to use, even for novices. We stayed out of the house for a little longer than the recommended time and came back to air it out. We went out to lunch and to pick up the dogs and by the time we got home the house smelled normal and any fleas and eggs were gone. Mom did vacuum a lot for a few days but eight months later she hasn't seen a flea on her dogs or in her house since. Performance We haven't seen any fleas in the house or on the dogs since using them eight months ago. Scent These foggers did leave behind a scent that I didn't love, but they are a pesticide so that is to be expected. We aired the house out for a few hours, came back vacuumed and wiped everything down and there was no lingering odor.



Farnam Products Room Fogger Adams Pls 3 Pack 6oz 4

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