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Farm Bureau Insurance

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Cancelled my insurance


They cancelled my insurance - comprehensive and collision and I did not receive the notices. Due to not being told I had to call every year to pay a $25 fee. When they have my bank account information to draft. I did not find this out until I went to file a claim. Why would you have to call to pay this fee , when all other payments draft from the account. This is not right. I will be cancelling and going to State Farm where this is not an issue.


Burlington, NC


Worst Insurance availabl


This is the worst insurance company that I have ever dealt with, and I have had both home and car insurance with them. I have used GEICO and Allstate, and both are worlds ahead of Farm Bureau. My experience is with the office in Ashland City, TN.


Ashland City, TN


They want money but will not cover you when you need it


**EVERYONE STAY AWAY FROM FARM BUREAU!!!!! I have been with them since I started driving. My car is in the shop for almost a week and the adjuster finally looked at my car yesterday!!! They were suppose to look at it the next day NOT 6 DAYS LATER!! They will not cover my damages saying they can or cannot determine the damages to my vehicle is related to the cause. I told them there are only 2 other causes. 1 a wreck (but we know this is not true because there is no outside damage) or 2. I took a crobar and damaged my own radiator. He said well the cost to fix it is less than your deductible. I said no. So far its $882 and my deductible is $500. He said well you shouldnt have taken it to the dealership! And further more I am paying OUT OF POCKET for my rental car. They will not pay for a rental until the adjuster looks at the car. Remind you it took 6 days for them too look at it and I am home alone with 2 little kids and had to work for 4 days! Told them I have always recommended them, but now I will let everyone know how they really are and will be changing insurance companies!


Tyler, Tx


I would not buy this product ever!


They advised me to accept a value well below retail for a totaled vehicle, I was not at fault. Why do we pay collision?


Cantonment , Florida




Extremely dissatisfied with Farm Bureau. We have paid additional to get residential home equipment breakdown coverage. Our heat and air unit outside needs replacement. It has been eleven days since we have filed our claim. We have tried to contact the insurance agent several times. He doe not pick up his phone and neither does he answer back. We were supposed to have an answer latest by the Friday of last week and we have heard nothing yet (today is Monday). Additionally, we have called the agent repeatedly and left him messages but he cannot be bothered to return the class. Very dissatisfied with their extremely unprofessional conduce and handling of my claim. I will not be renewing my insurance with this company. Very bad customer service and very ineffectual insurance agents.




Home coverage dropped 4 having car insurance w/someone else


We had them for years and only made one claim but it's been several years ago on a car accident involving my younger brother, who was insured. Not only is our rate increased we received a notice that our full coverage is cancelled, if an accident occurred they would pay for the others persons car only regardless of who was at fault. So, we kept our home coverage with them but got car insurance with a different company. Did the proper paperwork etc. It's been over a year, we've made no other claims, but suddenly Dec.16 we receive at notice that they will not renew our policy for home coverage because we don't have car insurance with them. We have it they know we have car insurance it's just not with them and as of Dec.26 our home insurance is getting dropped and supposedly that was the reason. Or at least the reason they gave us.


North Carolina

Now Im nervous!!


We have been with farm bureau for YEARS and have had only one prior claim in all this time,storm damaged roof that they were only going to cover half the roof for replacement recently we have had a bathroom water leak that has damaged the floor severely.to make matters even worse, our son is friends with our agent so when our agent appointed adjuster recommended a contractor we had no hesitation to trust them. first mistake. this contractor has been reported to the bbb in the past.they employ convicts and do horrible work long story short we have fired them and are finishing all the work ourselves. the adjuster and the contractors are in cahoots together.i want to file complaints against all these guys buy all our insurance needs with a more honest company but who would that be? beware of farm bureau they are crooks.




Stay away from NC Farm Bureau in Asheville


I have used NC farm bureau as an insurance co for many 15+ years and have watched it go down hill the past 6 years. Since then they have kept trying to increase my policy x2 and x3 the amount. The last 6 years I have fought to keep the policy at a reasonable price. I finally gave up this year. The company has gone way down on it's customer friendly service. They do not want to work with you. So find another place to get your insurance. Buyer beware.


Asheville, North Carolina


Jump thru hoops, only to get MORE demands to get no coverage


i've been trying to get coverage for 2 years, only getting more items to correct before being covered, for example New roof $6,000.00, porch and step hand rails, remove mobile home (a storage shed thaT I REQUESTED TO BE EXEMPT FROM COVERAGE!!) AND now!!,... paint HAD RAILS AND facia boards ??? BEYOND RIDICULOUS!! THEIR ANSWER-- use another carrier they provide at HIGHER rates than I'm already paying!!


Rincon Georgia


Poor insurance company


I have been with Farm Bureau for over 20 years however I will be dropping this company. To make a long story short if you obtain damage to you roof they will not fix it. So if you have insurance with this company they are not going to pay to have the roof replaced. They will send agent out to your house, he will report that there is no damage, even if there is spots in the ceiling. If you complain they will send what they call an engineer out and of course he will give the same report. All this is done in an effort to avoid paying the claim. So if you don't want to be out of a lot of money fixing your on roof, don't use this insurance company.


Pine Bluff, Arkansas


Farm Bureau Insurance

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