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Farberware Superfast Percolator

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Not The Fastest but The best CUP OF COFFEE


I have gone through a lot of different coffeemakers with major disappointments with all of them. First the glass carafe would always break. The machines leaked , stop working and no matter how much I cleaned them they never gave the best cup of coffee. My sister made me a cup of coffee and it was fantastic. She had this percolator. I went back to the past and will never go to the future againl Consistant great coffee every time. Simple set up, easy to clean, can put it away when not using , takes minimal counterspace. Set it up the night before there is no delayed start it is just a simple basic old fashioned coffee maker with simple old fashion great tasting results Brew Performance THis may take few more minutes to brew and you have to wait till it is done but it is worth the wait IF you are really not a morning person get it set up to brew and then just plug it in when you get up. There is no delay cycle on this cofeemaker. It brews probably slightly longer than the drip coffee makers but you get a great 8 oz or larger cup of coffee with leftovers that stay fresh for hours. Ease of Cleaning everything is accesable to clean Ease of Use Simple instructions and set up coffee, water plug it in and COFFEE Design This design has been around since the 1940's and it is still the best way to brew coffee Durability stainless steel NO PARTS THAT CAN BREAK ACCIDENTALLY

Jupiter, FL


Farberware Superfast Percolator

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