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Farberware Muffin Pan

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Farberware is a good brand when it comes to baking


I really like my Farberware 12-cup muffin pan. I have two of them and find that I use them all the time. They are really great for muffins and cupcakes and other fun treats you can come up with. Another thing they are good for that is not related to baking is a sorting center for a toddler. You can give a toddler a pile of different things to sort and then this muffin tin, and they can easily sort the items into different sections based on things like size, color, and what the object is. But back to baking. I find that this muffin tin does a great job of getting my muffins to turn out perfect every time. They bake evenly and it is easy to fill them. They work well if you want to just spray them with some cooking spray or you can use a cupcake liner. Either way, it bakes beautifully. I would highly recommend Farberware as a great company to buy your baking pans from. You will be pleased with the quality and the way your baked good turn out.

Roanoke, VA


Does what a muffin pan should!


I like Farberware products overall. I have rarely been disappointed with them, and this muffin tin falls in line with that. I like to bake a lot of different things, so this muffin tin has seen its share of non-muffins inside of it, and I am always pleased with the result. For example, I like to make little brunch things with eggs and ham and cheese in this muffin tin - and they never stick or break, or have any problems. Cleanup is not an issue as well, it wipes clean pretty easily. I can't give it a 5 because it just doesn't knock my socks off like some other kitchen stuff does. I have also used it to make "taco bowls" by turning it over and putting a tortilla in between the ridges and baking it - the intended result being a little baked tortilla in the shape of a taco bowl. This did not work out so great. But that may have been my fault. Overall, this is a good investment and addition to your kitchen. I would recommend it.



everything you would want from a muffin pan


This a sturdy 13 well muffin tin, it is non stick. As with any non stick ovenware DO NOT apply a non stick spray because this will leave a film on the surface once baked. I really like the ease when popping muffins or cupcakes out of this muffin tin, that is just the greatness of Farberware quality, I haven't been disappointed with them yet.

Sullivan, MO


Farberware Muffin Pan

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