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Farberware Mandoline Slicer

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Worked for smaller vegetables


I only recently upgraded to a bigger model that handles larger veggies. But overall, this Farberware model has served me well. I've never had to take advantage of the lifetime warranty to replace any broken parts. The blade has stayed sharp over several years. Best part that that the blade can be detached with a screwdriver. This is great, as it makes cleaning by hand much safer. It also allows the owner to sharpen the blades. Won't work for making french-fries, it's just not that strong. Though it will slice the whole potato, done thin, for potatoes au gratin. Not very good for tomatoes, either. Those things are too soft & tend to get smashed. Then again, I haven't found anything that reliably works well with tomatoes.

Minneapolis, MN


Seriously this is a dust collector


I received this Faberware mandoline slicer as a Christmas gift and have maybe used it twice. At first I thought wow this could be a handy kitchen tool and really save me some time slicing. But I soon came to realize that it is difficult to use and quite honestly it is easier to use a knife for slicing. I had a difficult time adjusting the thickness of the slices and determining which blade to use. I was also surprised that this slicer came with no instructions or manual. Maybe some instructions would have saved me time trying to figure out how to use it. The two times I used the mandoline slicer it took me forever to clean it. There are a lot of nooks and crannies for food to get stuck in. Trust me cleaning a knife is much easier. If you make scalloped potatoes weekly then maybe this slicer is for you. Otherwise I bet it will be a dust collector like mine. Save your money and invest in some nice knives instead. 

Naples, FL


barely useful


I bought this thing to slice onions thin to make the onion straws that you put on top of green bean casserole.  I could never get it to slice anything other than mushrooms.  Ended up throwing it away.

Hemet, CA


Farberware Mandoline Slicer

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