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Farberware FSU236 36-Cup Coffee Maker

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Best Party Coffee Maker 36 cups


Good standard machine. The coffee is good but not as good as regular coffee makers. The design for the grounds is flat and better coffee is achieved when the grounds go through more of a funnel. Ease of Cleaning A fair amount of work. The spent grounds are in a large cylinder and not as easy to dispose of in a receptacle if it is a smaller waste basket. (You will be cleaning the floor if you are not careful.) The ground basket requires some light scrubbing as does the inside of the urn. Ease of Use Fill with water. Place in the coffee ground cylinder, fill with coffee and put on tops. It doesn't seem to matter what grade coffee grounds you use. Design Lovely on the desert table. Simple design and elegant. Always my favorite as it adds height to the desert table display and the deserts reflect in the polished stainless steel urn. Durability Still going after many Christmas parties. I have never had any problems with it. It seems that if it is not working, it only has to do with the way the "inside parts" were put in. It has to be exact to work. The stem is a bit tricky and everything has to be aligned properly.

Lake Elmo, MN


Farberware FSU236 36-Cup Coffee Maker

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