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Mini Choppers
Farberware Commercial Stainless Steel Food Chopper

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Not effective


I guess if you want to spend an hour chopping something and want to get an arm work out in the process then this is the chopper for you. It was such a pain trying to use this thing. It doesn't chop well or evenly so you end up with some pieces chopped up real fine and others in huge chunks! Power The power is you, good luck with that. There is no actual power to this thing, it's just you pushing down over and over again. You can't get too aggressive with it or it'll start hopping around and the food won't get chopped right. Safety I guess it's pretty safe? It doesn't have a super sharp blade like food processors. Ease of Cleaning It's a huge pain to clean around the piece of metal that chops the food. Food gets caught up in it, but the space is to small to fit your fingers in there. You try using a sponge and it just ends up pushing the food further up in there. Durability Not very durable, the spring that makes the top part go back up when you push it down starts to give out. Which is to be expected, springs wear out the more you use it.



Farberware Commercial Stainless Steel Food Chopper

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