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Farberware Color Silicone Whisk

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This whisk does the job.


I bought this after losing my last whisk because I do a lot of baking and thought the fact it was made of silicone would help keep dough from sticking in the whisk. It works as good as other whisks I have had but I was disappointed that it does not affect how much of the batter gets stuck inside of it. Also, it is hard to clean. I have to clean it several times to get all the gunk out of it. It does whisk things nicely I just wish it was easier to clean. Ease of Cleaning This product is a big pain to clean. The batter gets caught in the whisk and it takes a good bit of scrubbing to get it all out. Durability This product is made to last. I have no complaints on the durability. It works well even in thick batter. Design The handle is very comfortable and makes whisking easier. My kids love the colors on it because it is so bright and pretty so it makes them want to help me in the kitchen which is a great perk. I just do not like how hard it is to clean the Farberware color silicone whisk.



Farberware Silicone whisk whips up wonders!


I have had my Silicone whisk from farberware for about 5 years now and it outshines any metal whisk I have ever used. I bought it because my old metal one was rusting and completely falling apart. I make a lot of whipped creams and frostings from scratch, works great for eggs too. It still looks brand new after hundreds of uses and washes. Clean up is a breeze. No rust, corrosion, breaking or bending, just perfect a whisk. The handle is also just the right size, because it's not to big and clunky to whip with, but it's not so small that it flies out of your hand constantly. It holds up to heat in saucepans nicely as well. I would recommend the silicone whisk to anyone that is looking to replace a metal whisk, because it is also a nice price and can be picked up at any store with a housewares section. Farberware really makes quality, useable kitchen gadgets for afforadle prices and I also own many other products from them.

Bennington, NE


Farberware silicone whisk works!


I was a bit skeptical when I was given the Farberware silicone whisk as a gift.  I had tried silicone baking dishes in the past and was not impressed with the material, so I was prepared to hate it.  This sounds silly, but right off the bat, it proved me wrong!  At first glance, the silicone loops look like so much plastic and very breakable  I was totally surprised.  It is far more flexible than the metal whisks and incredibly sturdy.  I did a lot of baking this holiday season, so I had a lot of different textures to test out on this whisk.  All I can say is that this silicone whisk is versatile, whether I was scrambling eggs, making pancake batter, or mixing cookie dough. I even used it help pre-knead bread dough, and it did well.  This particular whisk is not made for that type of mixing, but it did what I needed it to do. And nothing stuck to it.  Cleanup is a breeze.  Small hands can use it as well as adult hands.  In the past, twice my daughter (age 8) has gotten her fingers pinched in the metal whisk loops when grabbing it to use.  The silicone loops are not hard on the fingers.  All in all, this is a sturdy, nonstick, easy-to-use whisk.  I would recommend it for anyone from the everyday cook to a chef.  I love it!

Marietta, GA


My best wisks!


I have several sizes of these small red silicone wisks from Faberware with stainless-steel handles.  I particularly like that they are available in such small sizes wich are great for gravies and sauces for which a full-size wisk is often oversized.  AND the wisk part is silicone so I can use them in my non-stick sauce pans.  I looked for small, non-stick-friendly wisks like these for years before finding these.  They're also dishwasher safe so cleaning is easy.  The only drawback is that the handle can heat up if its over or near the heat for too long so the use of a mitt is recommended.  (They also come with a ring at the end for hanging.)

Crestline, CA


Farberware Color Silicone Whisk

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