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Farberware Classic Yosemite Stainless Steel Percolator

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I bought this percolater because I needed something that would work wherever I went! I took it with me on a trip overseas cause I wanted American coffee while not in America. Not only was it a huge help for me every morning but was a big hit for the people that came to my house! I had to buy three more and send them to friends when I got back!! The pot is well made looks great and brews great tasting coffee. Sometimes we used it for herbal tea! The handle is strong and far enough away from the pot that it doesn't melt when it's put on the burner properly. the price was not too bad either I bought mine online for around $30 it's been 4 years now but it still shines like new. My only bad thing to say about it is it's very hard to find at stores .... no one sells them anymore so you HAVE to look online. I'm old fashioned and love the old stuff THE SIMPLER THE BETTER! All in all a great product to have and I would recommend having it !



Great old fashioned percolator


We bought this for our father for Christmas. He always wanted one. Reminded him of the good old days. He LOVES it! Says it works beautifully whether he uses it on a gas stove, an electric on, or on the wood stove (which they use most in winter time). He likes it's ease of use. He can control the amount of coffee used and how much water, so the flavor is just the way he wants it. And he can control how much it percolates, so that also controls the flavor for him. It's a great little pot that provide several cups of coffee for him and his wife throughout the day. Brew Performance We've been over to his how and see this baby in action. It perks like a charm. The performance is excellent. Ease of Cleaning Really all you have to do is take it apart and rinse all the parts in water. We have hard water, so he runs vinegar through it every few weeks to get off lime scale and other sediment. Ease of Use Simple to use. Easy to put together. Design Put together like they used to make them, so my Dad says! Durability It's almost all metal, so should last a good, long time.



Can't do without it!


I bought this to replace another brand's electric percolator when it died from use. I wanted a percolator type that made coffee on the stove and had no heating element. This is high quality stainless; I've dropped it a few times and it has no dings, not even a scratch. It consistently makes coffee the same each time, and once you get used to timing the cycle yourself, there is nothing easier. I have used this camping (on a gas stove, not fire), and it is my only pot. My only beef is it is not a full 12 cup pot, but an 8. But since I love the rest of it, this is a minor quibble. Want a percolator? Look no further. You won't find a better one of this type. Ease of Cleaning The inside can be difficult to remove all oils, like every coffee pot. Design Perfect fit for burners, not too tall and thin and spout is shorter making spills less likely to occur.

Loretto, TN


Farberware Classic Yosemite Stainless Steel Percolator

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