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Farberware Bakeware (Various pieces)

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Farberware bakeware great for wedding gifts


I have this exact set pictured, and I got it for a wedding gift almost 10 years ago. I have used all of these pieces many different times, and the set has held up very well. The muffin tins are great for muffins or cupcakes, and I found that these pans do a good job of baking evenly. I have also used the loaf pan to make pumpkin chocolate chip bread, zucchini bread, and also a banana bread. I have been happy with how my loaves turned out every time. One thing to note is that you have to be patient and not try to take your food out of the loaf pan too quickly. Otherwise it will crumble and you will be sad. So just be patient and let it sit in the pan for at least 10-15 minutes, more if possible. I like the round pans as well, and I usually use those to cook frozen foods in, like chicken nuggets or french fries. The Farberware cookie sheet is really great for baking cookies or even things like oven roasted potatoes in. I really like this Farberware set and I'm glad that I have it. The pieces have held up really well over time. I think this would make a great gift!


Roanoke, VA


I like my Farberware Bakeware!


I have a Farberware 8" x 8" square baking pan that I use for a variety of dishes and this pan works well every time. I like it better than my Wilton pans because the metal seems to be higher quality and more durable. Performance I get consistently good results each time I use my pan. I like it so much, I would definitely buy another! Ease of Cleaning I put my pan in the dishwasher after each use, so it's super easy to clean. Durability One of my favorite aspects of my Farberware pan is how strong it is. Unlike my Wilton pans, this doesn't bend or warp in the oven. Design I like the fact that my square pan has large ends to hold onto. It feels secure when I grip the sides and I don't feel like my pan with slip out of my hands.


Camp Lejeune, NC


Sturdy Pans But I Prefer Cast Iron To Bake In


In our adventure into bakeware for our kitchen, one of the items we purchased was a Farberware Bakeware bread pan. We had tried all kinds of pans for bread, and many of them were not as nice as we had hoped. Farberware's bread pan is a lot nicer in terms of thickness and sturdy construction. The stick free coating does work nicely and seems to be high quality for long lasting performance. I still lightly grease the pan though. All in all, despite it browning relatively well, and being stick free, the bread that comes out of it tastes a little flat compared to the cast iron bread pans we have used. For some reason it seems that yeast breads taste a bit too yeasty and the flavor of the bread is not as interesting or nice as the cast iron pans. For that reason, I have rated them Good- the construction is nice and the stick free coating works, but the bread it comes out with is not up to our standard, so we only use it for cold loaf style setting- salads, etc. Performance Stick free coating is great- I still oil it lightly though. The pan itself, however, does not seem to bake yeast breads as nicely as our cast iron cookware. The flavor seems to be a bit off. It is not terrible, but we just prefer the cast iron bread pans instead- the flavor is great. The crust is crisp and the bread inside is cooked nicely with no yeasty taste. The Farberware does not seem to turn out quite as well. Ease of Cleaning Excellent to clean. Cleans right up and does not need to be soaked a lot at all. I oil lightly so cleaning is easier. Durability Thicker than other bakeware of this type, the pan we have is built to last. The stick free surface is nice, if you don't use sharp knives on it. Design A nice basic design gives good loaf shapes. Doesn't Stick With a light greasing, this pan released loaves of bread nicely.


Podunk, NY


Farberware Bakeware (Various pieces)

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